Van Cleef & Arpels Lucky Spring Collection
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Van Cleef & Arpels’ Lucky Spring

A joyful new fine jewellery collection to celebrate Spring and its colours.

The French jewellery Maison celebrates the rebirth of Nature with a new delicate and colourful fine jewellery collection: Lucky Spring.

Ladybugs, flowers and leaves are the happy protagonists of Lucky Spring. This collection celebrates Spring with all the refinement and elegance typical of Van Cleef.

This collection’s jewels are subtle for everyday wear and add a joyful touch of colour to every outfit.

Warm rose gold, white mother of pearl, red carnelian, and black onyx all blend, gracing your look with discretion yet with liveliness.

The Collection

Spring is back and, considering these dark times we are all facing, it would be lovely to wear some precious colours!

The jewels composing the collection are a sautoir, three bracelets, one clip brooch and one pair of earrings – all animated by the presence of natural details dear to Van Cleef: ladybugs, flowers and leaves.

The collection’s name, Lucky Spring, also combines two elements that are important to the French jeweller: luck and nature. The former is an important value for Van Cleef, and the latter is one of its strongest sources of inspiration.

So, together with the lovely ladybugs, you will find plum blossoms, lily of the valley leaves and bells – all designed and set in pink gold.

The Design Process and the Materials

In Van Cleef’s fine jewellery collections, the design is quite stylised, and this is no exception.

During the design process, each element composing the Lucky Spring collection’s jewels was carefully studied and designed. This enhances the purity and elegance of the lines.

The materials selected for the jewels are the best fitted to replicate Nature’s colours and liveliness.

The carnelian gives its translucent red-orange hue, the onyx has deep black tones and intense gleam, while the white mother of pearls responds with its delicate iridescent nuances. Finally, the warmth of rose gold surrounds the composition in perfect harmony.

Lucky Spring: the jewels

The Sautoir and the Bracelet

Van Cleef & Arpels Lucky Spring Collection - Sautoir
Lucky Spring long necklace, 15 motifs.
Rose gold, white mother-of-pearl, carnelian, onyx
Lucky Spring collection - Bracelet
Lucky Spring bracelet, 5 motifs.
Rose gold, white mother-of-pearl, carnelian, onyx

The attention to detail is always incredible, from the golden pistils of the plum blossoms to the iridescent sheen of the mother of pearl of the lilies of the valley to the textured rose gold of the tassel leaves.

Everything renders the perfectionism and ability of Van Cleef & Arpels’ jewellers.

The Ladybug

Two bracelets celebrate the ladybug. Considered a lucky charm, once her wings open, she looks like a heart and becomes a symbol of love, too.

The ones in these two bracelets are 1.5 centimetres long, and you can choose yours between the one with closed wings or the one ready to fly away from your wrist – quite a playful idea, we think.

The rich red comes from the carnelian, which creates strong contrast with the black onyx of the head. The beaded rose gold creates a refined contour.

In the version with open wings, the body is rendered by a slightly vaulted element made of mirror-polished rose gold to make its radiance more intense.

The Clip and the earrings

Lucky Spring Clip Brooch and Earrings
Lucky Spring Clip Brooch and Earrings.
Clip: rose gold, white mother of pearl, carnelian, onyx.
Earrings, plum blossom: rose gold, white mother of pearl

The linear design of the clip brooch stands out for its three-dimensional motifs. The brooch’s colour palette is perfectly complemented by the delicacy of the earrings — a lovely demi-parure.

The savoir-faire

As said, the Lucky Spring collection’s jewels demonstrate, once again, the great artistic and artisanal capabilities of Van Cleef & Arpels’ jewellers.

From the material’s selection to the matching and cutting, from the craftsmanship necessary to create the jewels to their setting and polishing: all these steps are vital to bringing the jewels to life.

Think about the beaded mount: each golden bead is worked by hand, one by one. Moreover, one advantage of the beaded mount is to keep the prongs that keep the stones concealed. This doesn’t disrupt the design, and we can truly appreciate the balance of these creations in full.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ ‘Lucky Spring’ collection is available for purchase. Check your local boutique for availability.

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