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High Jewellery Dream is the first Italian webzine entirely devoted to high jewellery, fine jewellery, and fine watchmaking.

It is written in English to reach the widest audience possible, worldwide, to bring and share the immense passion for design, jewellery masterpieces and the finest watches from both established brands as well as emerging talents.

Despite the website’s young age (it was launched at the end of 2014), High Jewellery Dream ranks well in search engines (1st on Google, Bing and Yahoo!), and it is updated as often as possible, in order to ensure up to date information and regular knowledge sharing.

Content ranges from new collections monographic features, thematic articles and important auctions highlights to exceptional stones. A special focus is dedicated to the Made In Italy savoir-faire and tradition in jewellery design and jewellery making.

High Jewellery Dream is looking for sponsors and for advertising investors, to acquire that financial independence which will allow the deepening of the exploration within the high jewellery world. This way it will also be possible to set up ad hoc partnerships with relevant companies to highlight their brand status and jewels creations to the site’s readers.

Last but not the least, the author is available for collaborations as contributor to luxury and jewellery publications.

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