Luxury Confidential

Gentlemen looking for that original gift to surprise their loved ones. Ladies looking for a one-of-a-kind creation to let their soul speak. A jewellery collection in need of something new and exciting.

Sometimes you have no time, or you just need advice: we are here to give you guidance and support, step by step, to let you express your own or his/her style and personality or to enrich your personal collection through the jewel or timepiece you desire.

This is why we launched Luxury Confidential, your reference portal for jewellery, gems and watch shopping services.

An exclusive service, conducted in all privacy, will take care of your desires by finding the perfect object. Whether it is an existing creation, an antique jewel, or a bespoke piece imagined and crafted just for you.

A G.I.A. Accredited Jewellery Professional (A.J.P.) herself, and with a sharp eye on high jewellery and jewellery design, Claudia will coordinate the whole process and have your requests fulfilled in the shortest time possible.

This will be possible thanks to the support of a recognised network of professionals and experts in the jewellery, gems and fine watchmaking areas.

Direct contact with worldwide famous Jewellery and Fine Watches Houses, gems and antique jewels dealers, and privileged access to renowned auction houses’ private sales services will ensure the perfect result.

Please email us (Italian, English or French) for inquiries and requests: or

Alternatively, you can contact us through our Concierge Service:


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