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Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time: A Dazzling Journey Through Earth’s Evolution in High Jewellery

From the primordial swirls of the universe to the lush landscapes of prehistoric eras, "Deep Time" is a testament to the beauty and resilience of our planet.

Embark on an extraordinary voyage through time with Louis Vuitton‘s latest masterpiece: “Deep Time.”

Louis Vuitton “Deep Time” high jewellery collection.

The “Deep Time” high jewellery collection transports you through the ages, revealing the captivating story of Earth’s evolution. Each meticulously crafted piece captures the essence of epochs long past, bringing together nature’s wonders and human artistry in perfect harmony.

From the primordial swirls of the universe to the lush landscapes of prehistoric eras, “Deep Time” is a testament to the beauty and resilience of our planet. Using an array of precious gemstones, including rare diamonds, vibrant sapphires, and lustrous emeralds, Louis Vuitton’s artisans have recreated the grandeur of ancient landscapes, the magnificence of celestial phenomena, and the delicate intricacy of fossilized treasures.

Indulge your senses as you gaze upon an opulent necklace adorned with shimmering meteorites as if plucked from the cosmos. Marvel at the earrings that echo the graceful curves of prehistoric flora immortalized in radiant gemstones. Allow your fingertips to trace the contours of a breathtaking ring, evoking the fossilized remnants of a long-lost creature.

“Deep Time” is not merely a collection of jewellery, but a captivating narrative woven into wearable art. Each piece tells a story, an invitation to explore the depths of our planet’s history and our connection to the universe. Prepare yourself to be enthralled as you journey through time, embracing the timeless elegance and awe-inspiring beauty that only Louis Vuitton can create.

At Louis Vuitton we are as ever adventurers, travelling to extraordinary, unexpected places. Deep Time will transport you deeply into the past, to a time and place that is so remote and perhaps even difficult to comprehend. But at the same time, the stones – these treasures that span millennia – will bring you right there, to the beginning of the planet and into a history of the world and its mystical geological legacy.

Francesca Amfitheatrof

Savoir-faire for the “Deep Time” high jewellery collection by Louis Vuitton.

Deep Time is a high jewellery collection by Louis Vuitton that explores the profound journey of the Earth’s evolution and the creation of life. It is the Maison’s most extensive High Jewellery collection, featuring over 170 unique pieces, including 95 in the first chapter alone. The collection is divided into two acts: geology and life, with a total of 16 themes.

Act I: Geology

In the geology act, the collection starts with Gondwana, one of the supercontinents that formed the Earth. This theme displays an exclusive choice of rare Colombian emeralds and features a platinum necklace, earrings, and a ring adorned with emeralds.

The Volcano theme represents volcanic eruptions and seismic activity. It includes a high collar necklace and a matching cuff crafted with mandarin garnets and raspberry pink tourmalines set in articulated platinum and yellow gold bars.

The Wave theme depicts tsunamis and a colossal wave that cools the Earth, symbolizing the shattering and reassembling of elements. The centrepiece is a high collar necklace featuring a V-shaped design made of liquefied diamonds, with a 6.19-carat LV Monogram Flower, cut diamond and a 40.80-carat oval-cut sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Rupture stands for the separation of the supercontinent. It features a necklace with a trilogy of unconventional stones: a riviera of 33 brilliant cut zircons, 15 oval-cut opals for 32.77 carats and a triangle-cut yellow sapphire of 13.81 carats. The stones are set in a feminine yet sporty necklace with a bold gold chain.

Drift, the closing chapter of the geology act, pays homage to the sun and sea. It includes a necklace, cuff, and earrings made with aquamarines and yellow sapphires for a total of 194 carats, set in interlaced white gold. The design highlights the Maison’s technical artistry and dynamism.

Act II: Life

The second act, Life, begins with the Origin theme, which features a pure white jewellery suite crafted in white gold and diamonds. The main piece is a necklace encircling a 10.21-carat D flawless brilliant-cut diamond. The suite also includes bracelets and earrings.

Myriad continues the evolution of life with futuristic and hypnotic DNA and double-helix-inspired jewels. The suite includes a necklace, a cuff set with individual bejewelled nails, and a detachable LV Monogram Star cut diamond.

Fossils are the interconnectedness of continents and feature a three-strand necklace with diverse patterns and stone settings. The chain incorporates the Maison’s iconic Damier pattern in white gold and diamonds, including one 27.83-carat sapphire from Sri Lanka and one 5.52-carat Monogram Star cut diamond. Requiring a total of 1,740 hours of work, the necklace can be worn in three different ways.

Plants is a nature-themed suite with exquisite green emeralds and red rubies layout. It includes a double-strand necklace, solitaire rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Flight celebrates birds with diamonds and rubies. At 15 pieces, Flight is Deep Time’s largest suite and evokes the floating lightness of feathers, capturing that moment when a bird takes flight. The suite includes a cocktail ring, necklaces, earrings, and brooches. The necklace features strings of rubies and carved feathers shaped like wings.

Bones highlights the architecture of humanity and evolution. The statement-making bib-style necklace features a 43.58-carat opal from Australia, a pear-cut 20.93-carat Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique and a total of 91.74-carats of emerald-cut tanzanites from Tanzania set in white gold and platinum. The suite also includes rings and brooches.

Seeds symbolize the treasures of birth and evolution. The suite includes a single-strand necklace with a gold and diamond trellis pattern and cabochons of rubellite and spessartite garnet for a total of 256 carats.

Flowers, the final theme, is represented by an LV Monogram Flower medallion necklace. It features custom-cut rubies and pink sapphires in pink and yellow gold petals.

The Deep Time collection celebrates the Earth’s history, the beauty of nature, and the interconnectedness of life. Each theme displays masterfully executed jewels that capture the epic tale of transformation and life’s beauty.

We have this incredible ambition to find the most beautiful stones, which in Deep Time are all connected to a theme, whether formed from lava, hail from different continents or symbolise an idea,” says Amfitheatrof. “Deep time is a celebration of the past, but also the beauty of nature and the incredible fragility of life.

Francesca Amfitheatrof

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