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Unveiling the Shimmering Rise: How Chinese Jewellery Brands are Redefining the Global Market

The China Fashion Gala opened its doors to reveal the future of the Chinese jewellery brands to the world.

The China Fashion Gala Ceremony opened in Luohu, Shenzhen, last 15 June. It captivated the audience with its stunning display of Chinese jewellery designs. A set of international guests could observe and praise the originality and talent of Chinese jewellery designers.

The event showcased the beauty of high-end jewellery and highlighted the integration of Chinese culture into fashion. The ceremony’s successful start represents endless possibilities for China’s jewellery and fashion industries.

China Fashion Gala, Shenzhen. During the jewellery fashion show.
China Fashion Gala, Shenzhen. During the jewellery fashion show.

The China Fashion Gala Ceremony, held in Luohu, Shenzhen, served as a prominent business card for the gold and jewellery industry, showcasing China’s jewellery brands to the world. The event aimed to promote the international influence of Chinese jewellery brands and highlight the contemporary value and world significance of China’s traditional culture. It provided a global platform for Chinese jewellery brands and designers to showcase their products.

Ronny Totah, co-founder of GemGenève high jewellery show with his wife; jewellery designer Wallis Hong and Claudia Carletti Camponeschi, founder and editor of High Jewellery Dream.
International jewellery designer Wallis Hong showcased his creations on the occasion of the China Fashion Gala.

The ceremony consisted of three chapters, symbolizing the industry’s vitality, glory, and growth. Renowned international experts, including Ronny Isaac Totah, founder of GemGenève Geneva High Jewelry Exhibition, praised the event for providing a platform for Chinese jewellery brands and designers to gain international recognition.

The China Fashion Gala was an outstanding opportunity to liase with international guests. We were invited to appreciate China state-of-the-art jewellery world and to build meaningful connections. From your left: David Brough (Outlook Magazine), Donatella Zappieri (jewellery strategic consultant), Dalila Daffara (jewellery events and PR), Bebe Bakhshi (Champagnegem), Wallis Hong (jewellery designer), Claudia Carletti Camponeschi (High Jewellery Dream), Laura Astrologo Porché (jewellery journalist) and Amanda Triossi (jewellery historian).

The opening show mesmerized the audience with its immersive and gorgeous display, signifying the maturation and internationalization of China’s jewellery industry. The event featured a selection of theme works from Chinese jewellery enterprises, with four rounds of awards presented to outstanding entries.

China Fashion Gala, Shenzhen.

The ceremony also highlighted the fusion of high-end jewellery and fashion. He Jianhua, a famous Chinese fashion master, sponsored a grand show of dresses that complemented the beauty of oriental style. The event showcased the integration of Chinese culture into high-end jewellery and fashion designs.

China Fashion Gala, Shenzhen.

The China Fashion Gala Ceremony marked the beginning of a thriving event and the continuous development of China’s jewellery and fashion industries. Future plans include holding fashion ceremonies, ongoing promotion, and creating a brand fashion highland to enhance Chinese jewellery’s international and domestic influence.

It has been a priviledge and honour to be part of this exciting new chapter for the Chinese jewellery industry.

Key takeaways from the event

  1. Chinese consumers’ growing affluence and changing tastes have significantly increased the demand for luxury goods, including high-end jewellery.
  2. Chinese jewellery brands have capitalized on this demand by focusing on design innovation, quality craftsmanship, and cultural symbolism, catering to the preferences of the domestic market.
  3. Chinese jewellery brands have significantly invested in expanding their international presence and establishing themselves as global players.
  4. Chinese jewellery brands adapt their designs to align with global fashion trends to appeal to international customers while incorporating traditional Chinese elements.
  5. Collaborations with international designers and celebrities have helped Chinese jewellery brands gain visibility and credibility on the global stage.
  6. Online platforms and e-commerce have played a crucial role in the international expansion of Chinese jewellery brands, enabling them to reach a wider audience and establish a direct connection with consumers.
  7. Chinese jewellery brands are focused on building their brand reputation and establishing themselves as leaders in the luxury jewellery segment, leveraging their rich cultural heritage and innovative approach to design.
Panel discussion held during the China Fashion Gala with Laura Astrologo Porché (on my right) and David Brough (on my left).
China Fashion Gala, Shenzhen.

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