Aurora Diamante Fountain pens
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Aurora: a dream in diamonds

Aurora Diamante: the pure light of diamonds in your hands.

Aurora Manufactury unveils a new extraordinary fountain pen completely studded with diamonds.

A dream made of 1,919 De Beers-certified diamonds to write your masterpieces, to sign in style or simply to behold: this is the stunning Aurora Diamante, the most precious writing instrument in the world.

Aurora Diamante Fountain pens
Aurora Diamante Fountain pens.
Platinum with diamonds.
Blackened gold with black diamonds.

The Aurora Diamante fountain pen is a masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship. Studded with 30 carats of top quality diamonds, the pen is available in two versions: in platinum and white diamonds, and in blackened gold and black diamonds.

The light at sunrise and at sunset is the inspiration for the two chromatic versions: the very first and very last luminous ray of the day and the magic atmosphere they create.

Aurora Diamante Fountain pens
Aurora Diamante Fountain pens.
Platinum and white 1,919 De Beers-certified diamonds for a total of 30 carats.

This is a magic that speaks in these two extraordinary objects. The diamond pavé dresses both the body and the cap. The top of the cap is even more precious. It presents the ultimate touch of refinement. The platinum version has a diamond surrounded by other twelve one. The blackened gold model presents a black diamond embraced by twelve more black gems.

However, if this is not exclusive enough, you still can add your own personal engraving to make the pen your own.

Aurora Manufactory has a longstanding tradition for creating objects of beauty since 1919. The brand is today one of the most prestigious symbols of luxury and savoir-faire Made in Italy.

With the Aurora Diamante, they add a new extraordinary object that will be coveted by the most refined collectors.

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