Messika Paris Midnight Sun Ultimate Party Choker.
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Midnight Sun: Embrace the Brilliance of the 1970s Nights

Messika Presents a Dazzling High Jewellery Collection that Redefines Self-Expression and Celebrates the Spirit of Freedom.

Experience the Dazzling High Jewellery Collection that Redefines Self-Expression and Celebrates the Spirit of Freedom.

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Step into the vibrant era of the 1970s, where the night sky comes alive with the mesmerising brilliance of precious jewels.

From the heart of New York City to the fashion capital of Paris, the nightlife world breaks free from conventions, reinventing fashion and revolutionising genres. It is a time of unbridled creativity, where Studio 54, the Mudd Club, the Palace, and Chez Régine turn the scene upside down. In those cities, electric energy permeates the air, creating an atmosphere as an ode to self-expression. 

Valérie Messika, the visionary behind Messika High Jewellery, has drawn inspiration from the unwavering energy of the seventies’ craziest nights. With her 10th High Jewellery collection, Midnight Sun, she captures the essence of those legendary nights. In this collection, anything goes. You can be whoever you want, let yourself go, and embrace your most authentic self without fear. 

Valérie Messika has chosen the face of the new Messika High Jewellery collection: the captivating French singer and model Carla Bruni to bring this euphoric collection to life. With her grace, magnetism, and undeniable fashion icon status, Carla Bruni revives the resolutely subversive spirit of the 1970s. Her ardent femininity and captivating presence infuse the collection with pulsating energy, causing the diamonds to dance until the break of dawn. 

Midnight Sun is a manifesto of creativity and self-affirmation. Each jewel in this collection reveals multifaceted sets that play with lights and contrasts, proving the Maison’s unparalleled diamond savoir-faire. Among this collection’s treasures, the yellow diamond reigns as the queen of the night. Amplified in its radiant splendour, it illuminates the darkness with a mystical, symbolic aura. This time, at Messika, the yellow diamond takes centre stage, eclipsing the traditional white diamond and taking Carla Bruni on a captivating journey through time, blurring the boundaries between night and day. 

Let us dive deeper into the enchanting world of Midnight Sun. Valérie Messika has woven a symphony of exceptional sets, each one more vibrant than the next. In each creation, she captures the essence of iconic figures who shaped the seventies, from the soulful diva Diana Ross to the eclectic theatrical performer Andy Warhol. Among the remarkable sets, a few will undoubtedly captivate your heart. 


No other era can match the uninhibited spirit of the 1970s. It continues to cast a spell of fascination upon us. Picture yourself on fiery dance floors, surrounded by an eclectic fusion of styles and the blossoming of multiple fashion and music icons. Among them, two luminous stars shine the brightest: Liza Minnelli and Diana Ross. Liza is a warm and glamorous diva, and Diana is a renowned eclectic performer. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun
Messika Paris Midnight Sun – Ultimate Party Choker.

Valérie Messika, in her Ultimate Party set, draws inspiration from these two iconic women who left an indelible mark on the history of the seventies. Through contrasting duos of exceptional coloured diamonds, she creates a masterpiece necklace that pays homage to their crystalline and masterful voices.

Picture a 20.04-carat pear-cut yellow diamond and a 9.07-carat cushion-cut diamond gracefully adorning this symbolic necklace. In her brilliance, the Founder continues to deepen the symbolism of the Golden Shield, a protective armour she had imagined in a yellow-gold version during her previous High Jewellery collection. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Ultimate Party Choker.
Messika Paris Midnight Sun – Ultimate Party Choker.

The Ultimate Party set embraces contradictions, intertwining the sparkle of white gold with the vibrant allure of coloured diamonds. The necklace, a powerful embodiment of artistry, features a perfectly curved gold plastron with a mirrored effect, enhancing the diamonds’ light-refracting capabilities. The ends of this stunning jewel are adorned with delicately set diamonds, accentuating the centre stones’ spectacular brilliance. To complete this dazzling ensemble, a bracelet and a matching ring accompany the necklace, infusing your being with the vibrant vitality of this remarkable collection. And how can we forget the showstopper? A second choker, enhanced with a breathtaking 18.05-carat yellow solitaire, serves as the pièce de résistance. 


If there is one thing that Messika knows how to do, it is celebrating the brilliance of diamonds. And now, for the first time, the Maison unveils a creation that harnesses the traditional snow setting to illuminate 15 cushion-cut yellow diamonds ranging from 2 to 15 carats. Prepare to be dazzled as these precious gems adorn the body, sparkling like a radiant dance floor. 

The yellow diamond retakes centre stage, captivating all eyes with its golden allure. Each square of the necklace, earrings, ring, and lip jewel has been meticulously proportioned to perfectly highlight the size and brilliance of these exquisite yellow diamonds. Expert craftsmanship brings these jewels as close to your skin as possible, allowing their radiant beauty to enhance your every movement. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Glitter Fever Set
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Glitter Fever Set

Glitter Fever pays homage to the glamorous evenings of the 1970s, where light-filled attire, extravagant outfits, and limitless rhinestones were the norm. This set embraces the wild atmosphere of those legendary clubs and reimagines it in a splendid adornment, showcasing the Maison’s unmatched savoir-faire and limitless creativity. 


In the dazzling playground of New York City during the seventies, one needed a daring personality to stand out from the crowd. With the Fiery set, Valérie Messika envisions a necklace that embodies the spirit of those bold individuals who fearlessly embraced their true selves. The pointed contours of the jewel serve as an added confidence booster, empowering you to shine your brightest. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Fiery Set
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Fiery Set

Imagine a harmonious play of pear-cut diamonds, where roundness intertwines with spiciness, creating an ensemble that seems to be composed of flames of gold and diamonds.

The Fiery set symbolises passion, boldness, and unrestrained energy that ignites the night. As you wear this set, you become a testament to the fiery spirit that drives night owls to live their lives with unwavering passion. The halo and flat surface of mirror-polished white gold that envelops the pear-shaped diamonds represent a jewellery-making feat, an exquisite fusion of technical brilliance and artistic vision.

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Fiery two-finger Ring
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Fiery two-finger Ring.

Each set, each flame, gracefully caresses your neck, epitomising perfect balance. And for the daring souls seeking even more audacity, Valérie Messika offers Fiery variations that include rings with the most original designs, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. 


Close your eyes and envision a celestial spectacle—the moon, a witness to the extravagant disco parties of the past, where people danced until the first light of dawn. Inspired by this mystical symbol of the night, Valérie Messika presents Messika Dancing Moon, a celebration of her signature halo design. Prepare to be enchanted as majestic diamond settings embrace your neck like a delicate and radiant second skin. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Dancing Moon Set
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Dancing Moon Set.

This extraordinary creation features a constellation of oval-cut diamonds, including a magnificent 2.21-carat centre stone adorned by a meticulously set double surrounding. Each row of this four-row necklace is imbued with an omniscient presence, allowing you to transform it into two majestic double-row necklaces. Whether you choose the full-moon version for a bold statement or the half-moon for a more relaxed style, the Messika Dancing Moon collection guarantees to captivate every gaze it meets. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Dancing Moon Ring
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Dancing Moon Ring.

But the enchantment does not stop there. Accompanying this celestial necklace, you will find a lip jewel, a single earring, and a ring, each boasting equally disruptive shapes and radiating the moon’s mystique. Additionally, three resplendent High Jewellery creations repeat the crescent moon motif at the necklace’s centre.

Messika Dancing Moon is a tribute to the night sky, where white gold disappears, and the precious white diamonds are magically laid directly on your skin, illuminating your every move. 


The heart, a timeless symbol of love, beats not only for romance but also for life itself. Valérie Messika, a firm believer in the heart’s multifaceted symbolism, has created Joy Coeur, a High Jewellery set that embodies love, joy, and the spirit of celebration in all its splendid glory. These heart-shaped diamonds are anything but ordinary; they represent the essence of self-love, a breath of freedom that recalls the spirit of the seventies. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Joy Coeur Set
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Joy Coeur Set.

Crafting the perfect heart shape is a challenge that requires the utmost precision and mastery of High Jewellery craftsmanship. Valérie Messika rises to this challenge, giving each heart present on the necklace perfectly balanced proportions and adjusting its halos of light with meticulous care. But the pièce de résistance within the Joy Coeur set lies in its masterpiece ring—an extraordinary Toi & Moi composition featuring a 16.18-carat yellow diamond and a captivating 7.06-carat heart-shaped diamond. When worn, these two diamonds float effortlessly on your finger, a signature touch only Valérie Messika’s demanding craftsmanship can achieve. 

Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Joy Coeur Toi & Moi Ring
Messika Paris Midnight Sun Collection Joy Coeur Toi & Moi Ring.

As you adorn yourself with Joy Coeur, you embrace the boundless love and joy that radiate from within. It serves as a testament to the power of self-love, a celebration of life itself, and a reminder to embrace your individuality. With every glance at this exceptional set, you will feel the warmth and a renewed sense of freedom reminiscent of the spirited seventies. 

In Messika High Jewellery, the extraordinary comes to life through exquisite craftsmanship and visionary design. Each jewel tells a unique story, inviting one to embrace one’s brilliance and bask in the transformative power of precious gems. With the Midnight Sun collection, Valérie Messika captures the essence of the seventies’ vibrant nights, infusing every piece with the distinctive touch and radiance that only the wearer can bring. Midnight Sun is where the sun’s brilliance illuminates the darkness and allows these precious gems to guide you on a journey of self-expression and unyielding joy.

Messika Paris - Midnight Sun Collection - Glitter Fever set. Carla Bruni (c) Pierre-Ange Carlotti.
Messika Paris – Midnight Sun Collection – Glitter Fever set. Carla Bruni (c) Pierre-Ange Carlotti.

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