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GemGenève: The Happy Place

Have you ever got lost in a bejewelled labyrinth? This is what happens if you visit GemGenève.

Have you ever got lost in a bejewelled labyrinth? This is what happens if you visit GemGenève.

When you first enter GemGenève, Geneva International Gem & Jewellery Show, you think you are at a jewellery show. You are, indeed. Well, you are not. GemGenève is much more than this.

GemGenève – Credits David Fraga

The event had a floor plan which seemed made on purpose to have visitors getting lost among jewels and gems – not losing their direction but indeed finding new ones.

And, with a space devoted to exhibitors which was 42% larger compared to last year, finding and feeling were the experience’s keywords impossible to miss.

What we love about GemGenève is its welcoming, friendly and elegant atmosphere, which allows both the trade and the general public to move around smoothly – each “searching and finding” for that special something.

GemGenève – Credits David Fraga

Whether it is a spectacular gem, an exquisite jewel, an edgy design, this is the place where you can have it all. The best of the jewellery world reunited in one place – so grand, yet so intimate and, almost, modest.

There is, in fact, one thing which remains in your mind, as soon as you leave, after the sparkles, after the gems, after the gold: the humbleness of all those who belong to the ancient, refined and secretive jewellery world.

Professionals who are there to share their exceptional findings, collections, creations, inspirations; professionals and designers who are eager to share their world with you and want to hear from you. This is, also, what makes GemGenève a unique and remarkable event.

We felt the time was right for a different kind of gem and jewellery show. We took a leap of faith, and jumped into the water alongside our colleagues, friends and fellow dealers.

Thomas Faerber, Faerber Collection, GemGenève Co-Founder

GemGenève – Credits David Fraga

You feel it while moving around and exploring: this is not only a place simply looking to promote business. GemGenève is also like a greenhouse growing jewellery talents.

So when you go to the back, desperately looking for an espresso at the lounge bar, and you reach the Designer Vivarium space, you just stop, as you realise that you have reached a new destination in your jewellery journey.

GemGenève – The Designer Vivarium

The Vivarium space succeeded last year’s Designer Showcase, which crowned Emmanuel Tarpin as a rising star in jewellery design – gaining the esteemed Town & Country Jewellery Award as ‘Breakthrough Designer of the Year’.

Also this year, the Vivarium (curated by jewellery historian Vivienne Becker) showcased new, under-the-radar designers – each one with a personal and compelling creative vision.

The Vivarium proved to be a vibrant space full of energy and freshness, and it is there where you see in which direction jewellery design is heading.

Hosting almost unknown yet hugely talented jewellery designers allowed visitors to discover jewellery in a very personal way – so much GemGenève.

GemGenève Vivarium

A special mention goes to the Emerging Talents section, highlighting jewellery designers in the making who, this year, are all of Swiss origin.

Emerging Talents at GemGenève

Together with a rich section dedicated to Talks educating on jewellery and gems and conducted by leading jewellery experts, GemGenève confirmed to be a leading event in the industry, gathering 4,800 visitors in 4 days (more than half from abroad) and reuniting 210 exhibitors under the common roof of excellence in jewellery and gems.

See you next year, May 7 to 10 2020, for the third exciting edition. CC

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