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GemGenève – a jewellery parlour at the heart of luxury

Discovering a new, intimate and highly-selective jewellery show that brought together the very best of the international jewellery scene in one elegant, soft and cosy location.

GemGenève closed its doors last Sunday, May 13th. A successful first edition, a very cosy and relaxing environment where visitors could “seek & find” jewellery and gems.

An authentic “jewellery parlour” sitting in Geneva, at the very heart of luxury.




The hype was phenomenal when GemGenève opened its doors last May 9th for the private preview. Many among exhibitors, members of the press and visitors alike were wondering about why and how this jewellery show was supposed to be different compared to other and well-established events.



A new and fresh approach to the jewellery world.

The difference was there, indeed. You could feel it. It was palpable.


The show welcomed 4,300 visitors, both from the trade and from the public, in a soft and a relaxed atmosphere.




Simply said, to see our exhibitors feeling at home at GemGenève, gave us the greatest satisfaction. The overall level of contentment was above our expectations. Nadège Totah, daughter of Ronny Totah


A sparkling, involving, and very emotional setting, which showed the very best regarding gemstones, contemporary and antique jewellery.

Not intimidating, the show and its layout were encouraging to “seek and find”, to discover more, to discover treasures. Treasures from the earth, with superb collections of gemstones and coloured diamonds, and from the artisanal geniuses that designed and made the sparkle to come alive in antique and contemporary jewels alike.

The discovery was even more surprising thanks to the layout of the show, which did not create sections, but cleverly mixed everything up, as to be a surprise at every turn of the eye.

A pioneering jewellery show, with a fresh approach and ideated, wanted and organised with heartfelt passion by the two co-founders, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah.


Our objective was to launch a new high-end trade exhibition revealing the true spirit of our jewellery world. We were thrilled to see the incredibly positive atmosphere since the beginning of the show. Ida Faerber, daughter of Thomas Faerber


A show that was missing in the jewellery roadmap for its intimacy – that intimacy that allowed all the parties (gemstone dealers, jewellers, collectors or simply admirers) to connect and to reinforce that bond of mutual respect, admiration and business acumen that is the bridge for future alliances.



GemGenève – to discover is to learn.

Not only seeking and finding, but also learning.


GemGenève hosted great educational sessions, held by jewellery historians Vivienne Becker, Amanda Triossi and Vanessa Cron respectively, to learn about jewels and jewellery periods and trends.

Vivienne Becker, who curated the Contemporary Designer Showcase section at GemGenève, had a focus on contemporary jewellery. Amanda Triossi took us on an emotionally involving journey to discover jewellery in the 1960s and 70s, while Vanessa Cron held a session on Art Deco and Retro jewels.



The beauty of these moments also lied in having a few jewellery creations available, sourced from the exhibitors present there at the show. An appreciated “touch & feel” angle, which made these talks unforgettable – especially when thinking of the jewellery in the 1960s and 70s, with its link to the arts and the architecture of those years.

It is fascinating to think how jewels are a mirror of the times into which they were born.

These conversations were a terrific way to go beyond the sparkle and the excitement of everything that was on display and to delve deeper into jewels’ meanings, history, and stories.



GemGenève – the present and the past of jewellery to look to the future.

GemGenève put on the best in gems and jewellery from around the world.


Contemporary and antique creations that were there to remind how stupefying a jewel can be, how splendid, how imbued with significance.

Present and past that project into the future to show where jewellery design is heading. The Contemporary Designer Showcase and the Emerging Talents sections were precisely this: a concentration of novel ideas, of alternative interpretations, a creative breeding ground for the jewellery of tomorrow.

Nine individual designer-jewellers and four new talents that are just starting their jewellery adventure who were there to show that very essence that proves the jewellery world to be dynamic, evolving – in one word, alive.


Contemporary Designers Showcase Gallery:


Emerging Talents Gallery:



GemGenève – a jewellery show that took our hearts

A successful first edition that set its mark in the industry and that made the attendance wanting for more.


With 147 top flight exhibitors this year, and circa 40 on a waiting list for next year, the effort will truly be to keep that private and intimate atmosphere that contributed to this year’s success.

Organising the event in coordination with the most prestigious jewellery and watch auctions also helped to appeal refined collectors and jewellery experts – and for this, Geneva proved to be the best choice possible: a real epicentre of luxury.

How to better define this intimate and highly selective rendezvous if not by saying that it completely conquered our hearts?

It did it thanks to its carefully hand-picked marvels, to its convivial atmosphere (so far from the chaos of other huge happenings) and to the fact of having the jewellery industry’s heart and soul all knight together in an elegant, contemporary and welcoming location.

Save the date on your calendar, as GemGenève’s next year edition will take place from the 9th to the 12th of May 2019. CC




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