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Buccellati High Jewellery

Buccellati: Tulle at Paris Haute Couture Week

Signature honeycomb and lace gold dotted with diamonds lit up Paris during the Haute Couture week.

Buccellati’s signature honeycomb texture was the fil rouge for the Italian High Jewellery Maison high jewellery creations, unveiled in Paris during the Haute Couture week at 1, Rue de la Paix.


Buccellati’s signature honeycomb texture reveals the highest in jewellery artisanship. Entirely worked by hand, each hole is finished with a little saw to obtain its classic hexagonal shape. If something goes wrong, one must restart all over again.


Buccellati Camelia earrings
Buccellati Camelia earrings
White gold set with 404 diamonds (5.07 carats) and two more diamonds set with collets. Pendant parts detachable.


The result of this painstaking work is a light and delicate lace, like those precious cloths coming from the Isle of Burano, close to Venice, or from the Flemish lands.


Portrait of an Elegant Lady in an Elaborate Lace Collar
Flemish School, 17th Century Style
Portrait of an Elegant Lady in an Elaborate Lace Collar
Oil on canvas, 27 3/4 x 23 1/8 in. (70.4 x 58.5 cm), unframed.
Condition: Lined, retouch, losses, surface grime, craquelure.
(c) Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers


This is a design that brings back today the ancient splendour of those collars which were in fashion from half of the 16thcentury to half 17thcentury, which size would increase with the passing of time.


Buccellati Esmeralda earrings
Buccellati Esmeralda Earrings
Honeycomb yellow gold, white gold lace, 312 diamonds, emeralds (6.41 carats total)


The lace’s impalpability is furthermore enhanced by a great embroidery work which adds to its exceptional beauty.


Buccellati Artemisia bracelet
Buccellati Artemisia bracelet
Tulle soleil decorations in white gold with 524 diamonds


Buccellati’s creations are all designed in white gold and diamonds, or in a delicate contrast of yellow and white gold, typical of the Italian Maison, adding more precious coloured gemstones.



An undisputed elegance.



Elegance is at the very base of all these designs. It radiates out of the bracelets, cuffs and bangles, made precious by the perfect geometry of the pendants, convertible into brooches.


Buccellati Azzurra pendant
Buccellati Azzurra Pendant
White gold, 110 diamonds (4.31 carats) and one tourmaline


The precise collocation of void and full spaces, together with the brilliant creativity that defies the design’s limits, make the idea of beauty alive, and real.


Buccellati Morgana bracelet
Buccellati Morgana Bracelet
Yellow gold, tulle motif and 477 diamonds


With this collection, the tiara plays a significant role. Its complex yet beautiful design represents birds and flowers, culminating in an ascending central decoration.


Buccellati Gran Tiara
Buccellati Gran Tiara
Honeycomb white gold and 928 diamonds (circa 10 carats)



New High Jewellery Watches.


Buccellati’s Opera offers a variation with an alligator leather cuff bracelet, available in varied colours. The case is set with 337 diamonds, all set by hand, one by one, to exalt the artisanal work of the workshop.


Buccellati Opera High Jewellery Watch
Buccellati Opera High Jewellery Watch


The Opera Engraved model has a yellow gold cuff bracelet, entirely hand-chiselled with Buccellati’s classic “rigato” and “ornato” motifs. The case is ornate by the “graffito” engraving and the mother-of-pearl dial bears the Maison’s logo. Chiselling in triumph.


Buccellati Opera Engraved High Jewellery Watch
Buccellati Opera Engraved High Jewellery Watch


Finally, the Opera AB high jewellery watch draws on the typical Macri AB decoration: little flowers made of four white gold and diamond collets that dot the surface, engraved with the “rigato” pattern. The case is embellished with 167 diamonds, for a perfectly elegant effect. CC


Buccellati Opera AB high jewellery watch
Buccellati Opera AB High Jewellery watch





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