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GemGenève presents four Emerging Talents

Next week GemGenève will showcase the intriguing worlds of four Emerging Talents.

This week GemGenève will welcome four ‘Emerging Talents’ – under the oversight of Nadège Totah – and have the opportunity to give their work greater exposure in a dedicated space.

GemGenève will highlight four Emerging Talents’ creations. The show will offer a fascinating glimpse into a different universe of ideas and inspirations, a world of innovation and ingenuity, highlighting each creator’s individuality.

The work of these designers is displayed in a dedicated space at the heart of GemGenève, a space in which visitors, we hope, will have time and space to study the jewels, to be intrigued, to see and appreciate the new dynamism that is energising jewellery-making today.

Nadège Totah

GemGenève: Wallis Hong, Spain

Wallis Hong is a self-taught multidisciplinary jewellery artist based in Spain. The China-born artist’s mother is a musician and art collector, and it was his mother’s aesthetic influence that made Wallis sensitive to art and jewellery from an early age. Wallis studied sculpture and painting at the Madrid Academy of Art.

As a perfectionist by temperament, he always seeks to learn as many jewellery-making skills as he can from the best master jewellers around the world, aiming to perfect the designs of his jewellery creations.

Wallis’s works are miniature sculptures and explore diverse materials and many different fields of craftsmanship.

His creativity is inspired by nature, marine life, cytology, botany, religion, mythology, and more. He has recently been creating unique, bold, large-scale jewellery sculptures with a remarkable lightness that incorporates the intricate and exacting age-old Chinese tradition of hollow-out jade carving, the pinnacle of jade art.

GemGenève Wallis Hong
GemGenève – Wallis Hong – Eternal Butterfly
GemGenève Wallis Hong
GemGenève – Wallis Hong – Ethereal Butterfly

He is currently exploring how to utilise glass elements in his future collections. Wallis’s otherworldly imagination and lively curiosity are a signature of his creative talent. His work has been praised by the international museum curatorial community and many celebrities who appreciate innovative high jewellery.

Wallis Hong – Ethereal Butterfly Video

Serendipity Jewelry, Paris, France

Christine Chan founded Serendipity Jewelry in Paris in 2017. She discovered her passion for stones during a trip to Australia over ten years ago. This chance encounter led to the birth of a beautiful brand.

The designer of Serendipity Jewelry presents a beautiful collection of pieces, combining a concept of respect for nature, respect for freedom and respect for oneself so that each piece of jewellery has its perspective, temperature and depth.

GemGenève – Serendipity Jewelry

The creations distinguish themselves thanks to the encounter between unparalleled design and unique and beautiful gems.

Joaillerie Vincent Michel, Lausanne, Switzerland

Winner of the best Swiss jewellery apprentice award in 2009, Vincent Michel is a confident and inspired artist based in Lausanne. 

He is a travel and mountain enthusiast; the natural elements are a source of inspiration and his working tools. Selecting the exceptional stones offered by nature and working with precious metals, this know-how gives the art of jewellery the power to reveal the most beautiful aspects of the natural world. Vincent Michel is a true craftsman who creates all his pieces by hand.

For example, the precious metals in his jewellery, such as gold and platinum, are recycled without any mining input.

VINCENT MICHEL - Twist Emerald & Diamond Ring.jpg
GemGenève – Joaillerie Vincent Michel – Twist emerald and diamond ring

Unique pieces, made with a gentle blend of aesthetic harmony and technical expertise, compose Vincent Michel’s Haute Joaillerie collection.

GemGenève – Joaillerie Vincent Michel – Hibiscus Ring

Youra Jewelry, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Youra Jewelry is a fine jewellery brand based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The name “Youra” is evocative, meaning “to be seen”.

The designer Rabaa Saleh Alangari started her journey with a great passion for diamonds, painting, colours and creation. She was moved by the meaningful connection between the soul and all these elements.

YOURA JEWELRY - Flourish Ring.jpg
GemGenève – Youra Jewelry – Flourish Ring

Her curiosity to learn more, follow the latest trends and visit the most famous design houses eventually led her to establish her team to produce exceptional pieces that appeal to all tastes and personalities.

“Earth is our home, and all cultures inspire us”, says Rabaa. “When you look at all those pieces displayed, it is usually one piece that catches your eye and the heart, and then a decision is made because the heart knows better.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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