Chanel Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock
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Monsieur Chronosphère Clock

At Coco Chanel's apartment, a glittering crystal ball standing on a three lions base provided the inspiration for a unique high-end clock.

Mademoiselle’s apartment, at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris, provides an endless source of inspiration. Unique pieces and an atmosphere that is frozen in time sparkle the creativity, giving life to exceptional pieces.

Monsieur Chronosphère Clock is one of these, and it represents a new chapter in Chanel‘s watchmaking history.


Coco Chanel’s private room at 31 Rue Cambon Paris.
The crystal ball which inspired Monsieur Chronosphère Clock is visible on the coffee table, on the left.
Credits: Botti / Still / Gamma Rapho




Monsieur Chronosphère Clock is the epitome of watchmaking excellence and art. A unique decorative object measures the passing of time, framed by the timeless elegance of its black colour.


Chanel watches. Monsieur Chronosphère Clock.
Chanel watches.
Monsieur Chronosphère Clock.


Black essence and crystal-clear purity.


Black like a mystery to be discovered, Monsieur Chronosphère Clock, with its sharp looks unveils its inner mechanical soul to the admired observer.

Black that is lightened by the purity of its glass sphere, which winks the eye to Mademoiselle’s cherished crystal ball – one of her most favoured objects.

Through this glass ball, the exceptional movement with manual winding is revealed. The contrast between the exquisitely finished black frame and the transparent glass brings lightness and different expressions of volume.


Chanel Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock
Chanel Watches.
Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock.



A modern interpretation of Chanel’s heritage.


Monsieur Chronosphère Clock is not only a contemporary take on Coco Chanel’s preferred crystal ball. It also presents another ever-present symbol in Chanel’s creation: the lion.

The clock is in fact supported by four elegant lions, in bronze, graphically designed and represented in their classic dominating pose, with a paw resting on a sphere.

Their black matte finish adds majesty to their attitude.



Chanel Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock
Chanel Watches.
Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock.
Limited and numbered edition of 5 pieces.
Lions in bronze with a black matte treatment PVD.
Sphere in glass.
Mechanical movement with manual winding.
Movement designed by the Watchmaking Creative Studio of CHANEL developed and manufactured by L’Épée.
Functions: Hours, minutes on two rotating disks. Power reserve: 7 days. Numbers of rubies: 19 Key: 1 Frequency: 18,000 vibrations/hour (2,5Hz) Black galvanic treatment (PVD on plates) and palladium finishing (on trains).



Monsieur Chronosphère Clock: an exceptional Objet d’Art.


More than a table clock, Monsieur Chronosphère Clock is a work of art in its own right.

Inspired by the sphere in Coco’s apartment, a unique piece created by a jeweller, the Studio de Creation designed this clock to conserve the artistic vision for an exclusive object that expresses Chanel’s essence.

The movement of the Chronosphère Clock was entirely designed by Chanel and developed by L’Epée, a leading presence in the watch and clock making arenas, and one of the most prestigious specialized manufactures dedicated to high-end clocks.


Chanel Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock
Chanel Watches.
Monsieur de Chanel Chronosphère Clock.


Deeply rooted in Coco Chanel’s world, Monsieur Chronosphère Clock gives a contemporary interpretation of a bygone allure.

With its exceptional finishing and perfectly shaped forms, Monsieur Chronosphère Clock brings to life, once again, Mademoiselle’s spirit thanks to the Maison’s great creativity and excellence in craftsmanship. CC







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