Alexandra Mor Positive receives the Luxury Butterfly Mark.
Alexandra Mor In The News

Alexandra Mor awarded with the Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark

Alexandra Mor received the prestigious Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for her commitment to purpose-driven and sustainable jewellery design.

Alexandra Mor, artistic director and designer of her homonymous jewellery brand, is worldwide known for her commitment to purpose-driven and sustainable jewellery. In recognition of this, Mor has received the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark.



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The Butterfly Mark is awarded by Positive Luxury, a platform which connects consumers with brands with values, with brands consumers can relate to in terms of sustainability and ethical approach. This to let consumers shop with confidence.

For a brand to be eligible and be awarded the Butterfly Mark, it has to adhere to holistic sustainability through relevant practices such as governance, social and environmental framework, philanthropy and creativity.

Commenting on Alexandra Mor’s recent admission into Positive Luxury’s community, Co-Founder and CEO Diana Verde Neto declared:

“We are thrilled to welcome Alexandra Mor into our community of purpose-driven luxury brands. Through her commitment to social and environmental causes, Alexandra Mor shows that business can be a force for good, paving the way for a better future.”

Through her creative work, her Tagua Seeds Collection, Alexandra is more than ever committed to pursuing meaningful, spiritually connected, humane and sustainable jewellery practices.

Alexandra actively uses her voice and artistic talent to inspire the community and bring real and positive change. She said:

“I have decided to use my voice to lead and inspire the fine jewellery industry to take the necessary steps to care for our planet and its people through grace and education. I am honoured to carry Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark and to be included among brands that advocate mindful and sustainable practices. It doesn’t matter what we choose to do, what matters is that what we choose will make a difference.”


Alexandra Mor Positive receives the Luxury Butterfly Mark.
Alexandra Mor.


A significant collaboration, the one between Alexandra Mor and Positive Luxury platform, which officially started on 28 June.

On Positive Luxury platform, Alexandra will offer personalized experiences with her Signature Collection’s limited edition and one-of-a-kind creations.

This testifies of the love Alexandra has for personally liaising with clients and creating together something unique and exclusive. Through this dialogue about want and creativity, designer and client reach a mutual understanding and select together from the finest quality sustainable and responsibly sourced materials which will give life to carefully handcrafted pieces specially created with the wearer’s personality in mind.

Here is the link to Alexandra Mor Brand page on Positive Luxury website.

We would like to congratulate Alexandra for this recognition through the words of Weir-de La Rochefoucauld, Women Jewellery Designers:

“Mor’s jewels are young and of the moment. They are intensely personal. They carry into the twenty-first century the American ideal of jewels that can be transformed for different occasions. Simple earrings can be added to in order to create elaborate chandelier earrings, mixing and matching a variety of gemstone drops… Her jewellery is about graceful simplicity and elegant lines that dwell on the mind, softly demanding admiration – classics ready to perpetuate memories for the next generation.”





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