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Sara Peymanpour: a fresh touch of Orient

Discovering an enchanted Persian-flavoured jewellery world.

Couture London was the perfect setting to discover a fascinating new jewellery world, which brings together contemporary design with the oriental magic. This is Sara Peymanpour.


Sara Peymanpour Goldbarg Collection
Sara Peymanpour Goldbarg Collection


The jewels signed by Sara Peymanpour have that extra touch. A cosmopolitan citizen of the world, Sara has lived and visited in many countries – from Iran to Australia, Italy, England and Canada – which provided her with a wealth of inspiration.

An Iranian-British citizen herself, Sara has absorbed all these various cultural influences, which reflect in her creations.

Jewellery did not come by accident, to Sara. While she grew up in a family of architects, developing a well-defined sense for volumes and lines, she learnt to appreciate the precious world of jewels thanks to her grandfather, an appreciated Iranian silverware designer.

Sara’s roots led her to study both Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design. She also received a Masters Degree in Jewellery Design from the University of New South Wales in Sidney, and a Masters course at Politecnico di Milano, thus developing a deeper insight into the design world.


Sara Peymanpour: jewels that speak a contemporary language with an oriental flair.


Today, Sara Peymanpour’s multi-faceted world all comes together to give life to elegant and utterly modern designs, which speak a subtle oriental language.

Persian archetypes evoke jewellery worlds and new design motifs, which are reinterpreted by Sara thanks to her architectural vision.

This originates collections in which the old speak to the new and create modern exotic pieces, like in the Goldbarg Collection, recently unveiled at Couture London.


Sara Peymanpour Goldbarg Collection
Sara Peymanpour – Goldbarg Collection.


“Goldbarg” means “petal”, in Persian, those petals that one can find in Persian carpet’s decorative motifs.

The shapes and colours of this collection evoke an enchanted Persian flowery garden, whose flowers speak a romantic and glamorous language.




The geometric arrangement of Persian gardens, with their soft enchantment, imbues the Persian Garden Collection.


Sara Peymanpour Persian Garden Collection
Sara Peymanpour Persian Garden Collection.


Delicate gem-studded light flowers adorn the wearer bringing on delicate colours and light.




Lightness is at the core of the Noor Collection‘s design.


Sara Peymanpour Noor Collection
Sara Peymanpour Noor Collection


“Noor” does mean “light”, an element which is at the very centre of Iranian architecture. The Noor earrings do embody this sense of space, playing with shadow and light and with aerial volumes.


Sara Peymanpour Noor Earrings
Sara Peymanpour Noor Earrings
18k yellow gold & Turquoise


Last but not least, the Empire Collection pays full homage to Sara’s cultural and historical Iranian heritage, bringing back to life antique lines and motifs and making ancient jewels fashionable.




Ethical and responsible jewels with a strong international following.


Being contemporary also means being sensitive to compelling topics consumers care for. This is why Sara’s commitment is to design and create ethical jewels by using only ethically sourced precious metals, conflict-free diamonds, and other gemstones from responsible suppliers.

All of Sara Peymanpour’s jewels are carefully hand-crafted by master jewellers in London and in Valenza (Italy), to have the highest excellence possible in goldsmithing and jewellery craftsmanship.

Her award-winning collections have been showcased at the British Museum, London Jewellery Week, and Paris Fashion Week, to name just a few.

Jewels that are a precious luxury you can wear every day. CC




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