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Another exceptional Pink at Christie’s

After the Fortune Pink sold in Geneva, Christie's New York relaunches with another exceptional pink diamond.

After the sale of The Fortune Pink at Christie’s Geneva a few days ago, Christie’s will offer another exceptional pink diamond. The gem will be at the upcoming Magnificent Jewels sales in New York next 6 December.


The Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ring (estimate: US $25,000,000-35,000,000) presents an impressive 13.15 carat VVS1 clarity. It also has the potential to be Internally Flawless.

Christie's Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond
Christie’s Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond. Fancy Vivid pink emerald-cut diamond of 13.15 carats, mounted in platinum. Natural Colour, VVS1 clarity, potentially Internally Flawless, Type IIa (GIA Report 2225673299).

The appearance on the market of a pink diamond of this calibre is rare phenomenon. In the fancy vivid pink range, a gem of more than six carats is exceptional. For context, less than 10 per cent of rose-coloured gems weigh more than just one-fifth of a carat. 

With its weight of 13.15 carats, this stone ranks as one of the most important coloured diamonds on the market. The Winston Pink Legacy achieved $50,375,000, setting a world-record price per carat for a pink diamond sold at auction. 

Following the success of The Fortune Pink, which achieved almost $30 million last week in Geneva, we are proud to have been approached by a private collector to offer this incredible diamond at auction in December.  This season has seen outstanding results for fancy-colored diamonds and this particular fancy vivid pink is of the highest caliber.  With impressive saturation, step-cut facets and a clarity grade of potentially Internally Flawless, this 13.15 carat fancy vivid pink is magnificently rare.

Rahul Kadakia, International Head of Christie’s Jewellery

This Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ring will be on view in New York from 14 November to 15 November. Further views in Hong Kong from 25 November to 28 November. Finally, it will be presented in New York from 2 December to 5 December.

Christie's Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond
Christie’s Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond.

Notes from the GIA Report

Scientists classify diamonds into two main “types” – type I and type II. It is based on the presence or absence of nitrogen which can replace carbon atoms in a diamond’s atomic structure.

These two diamond types can be distinguished on the basis of differences in their chemical and physical properties. Type II diamonds contain little if any nitrogen and they are subdivided into two groups (IIa and IIb) both of which are quite rare (less than 2% of all gem diamonds).

According to the records of the GIA Laboratory, the 13.15 carat Emerald Cut diamond described in GIA Coloured Diamond Grading Report #2225673299 has been determined to be a type IIa diamond with pink colour.

Type IIa diamonds are very rare in nature, often have relatively few inclusions and are noted for their mostly homogeneous colour in the rough. Unlike many of the coloured diamonds, the colour in pink diamonds can not only be caused by atomic level impurities, but it may also be a result of the diamond’s exposure to heat and pressure during the transportation into the earth’s crust. Type IIa diamonds with pink colour have been found in a number of mining regions around the world. Historically, they were found in India (particularly from the Golconda region) and, in more recent times, most notably from Brazil and Africa.

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