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Architecture in a jewel: Bulgari’s B.zero1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid


Bulgari B.zero1 Design Legend
Bulgari B.zero1 Design Legend – technical sketch by Zaha Hadid


A star of architecture, the late Zaha Hadid has reinterpreted the world’s most renowned amphitheater, the Colosseum, to inject a new essence into one of Bulgari’s style signatures, creating the B.zero1 Design Legend ring.


Bulgari B.zero1 Design Legend is a ring fusing together Imperial Rome’s architectural and powerful presence with Hadid’s fluid and curvaceous volumes, thus becoming a jewel that is at the same time classic, revolutionary and timeless.

A ring that embodies a shared vision and creative approach – Bulgari has revolutionised the aesthetic codes of traditional jewellery by incorporating unusual colour combination and unexpected materials in bold proportions. Likewise, Zaha Hadid swept away architectural rigid geometry by creating fluid forms and by generating multiple perspectives.


B.zero1 by Zaha Hadid
B.zero1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid


This is why the B.zero1 Design Legend is a perfect fit in Bulgari’s creative world: it is about a jewel, a concept that is designed to defy jewellery conventions and to express exquisite inventive talent.


B.zero1 by Zaha Hadid
B.zero1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid – pink gold model


The B.zero1 Design Legend enriches the B.zero1 family with four new creations: the 4-band ring in pink gold, that is also available as a thinner 3-band version in white or pink gold, and the pendant in pink gold.

The creative central point of this new collection resides in the total deconstruction of the central looping band, iconic element of the B.zero1 as we know it.

The rigid looping band is indeed transformed and takes on Hadid’s vision of undulating gold waves, freely flowing into a dynamic movement.

This way, the ring’s curved structure conveys fluidity and the feeling of movement, making a rigid material like gold looking organic and alive.



A ring that dresses one’s finger up, not by enclosing it but by liberating it, thanks to its intersecting circles that demand a closer look to understand how these lines come to compose the jewel’s design.

“B.zero1 stands as a symbol of confidence and power, it is a courageous declaration of character and personality, speaking the language of those who dare to be who they want to be.” 









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