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“Diamonds That Care” – Anna Hu for Christie’s

When talent, means and diamonds join forces to help those in need.

An online auction of three stunning pieces of jewellery, created by Anna Hu, will take place from July 3 -13 with proceeds going to support healthcare workers fighting against the coronavirus. 

Anna Hu‘s pieces will be sold by Diamonds That Care, the newly launched social responsibility initiative of Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond mining company. The initiative’s main idea is that every diamond should help those in need. 

Ms Hu created these unique pieces exclusively for this charity project using rich brown diamonds extracted by Alrosa in Yakutia, a region in the Siberian Far East. 

ALROSA Diamonds 27.02 ct. Pear Shaped Fancy Brown-Yellow Diamond
Anna Hu

Proceeds from the sale will assist healthcare workers who continue to work at the centre of efforts to combat the pandemic. The project is organized in cooperation with the non-profit charitable organization Diamonds Do Good

Sergey Ivanov, CEO of Alrosa, declared:

“We are living in a different world, where old divides are no longer important because we all face the same threat. By working with Christie’s, which operates in all the regions affected by the coronavirus, and the brilliant Chinese jewellery artist Anna Hu, we are raising funds for a US-based charitable organization supporting activities in various countries. This project is a living example of how countries and stakeholders can unite in their efforts to help those in need.”

Many people are in distress, and no one can remain indifferent to this pandemic. The world needs positivity, empathy, a sense of support, care and love. I hope to express all these feelings in my three pieces of jewellery. I was inspired and grateful to have received the opportunity to work on something larger than simply beautiful jewellery, something meaningful and with heart.

Anna Hu

The Jewels at Auction

Among the jewels that will be auctioned, there is a necklace with fancy colour and colourless diamonds, centring a Fancy brown-yellow diamond weighing 27.02 carats. It is manufactured with 18k white gold and 18k red gold. 

We also appreciate the necklace’s heart-shaped silhouette, which enhances the mission of help and care that imbues this capsule collection.

Diamonds That Care by ANNA HU – necklace

The parure is complemented by a ring and a pair of earrings.

Diamond That Care by ANNA HU – 18k red gold ring with fancy color diamonds and colourless diamonds, centring a Faint Brown diamond weighing 1.59 carats


Diamonds That Care by ANNA HU – earrings made of 18k white gold and 18k red gold, with fancy color and colourless diamonds, each earring centring a pear shape 3 carats diamond

Commenting on this extraordinary online sale, Max Fawcett, Christie’s Jewellery Specialist declared:

“Anna Hu’s works are characterized by elegant forms and colour combinations. They are rarely sold at auction and when her pieces come to the secondary market, demand is high. As an artisan jeweller, Anna produces no more than thirty pieces a year, each a unique creation. Her involvement will create international excitement and we are pleased to offer our leading online platform and engage with our international clients to bid for this worthy cause.”

We are honoured to be associated with this project which will spread positivity and hope and show that diamonds truly do good. 

Anna Martin, Board President of Diamonds Do Good

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  1. zelo lep članek hvala
    Hvala za zagotavljanje zelo lepih člankov. Upam, da jih boste lahko še naprej posodabljali

    • Claudia Carletti Camponeschi

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

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