Maillon de Cartier
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Maillon de Cartier

A precious twist around your wrist - a new and bold statement of elegance and style signed by Cartier.


The Maillon de Cartier watch is a jewel in its own right. It is a bold statement of style that centres around its chain-links, slightly offset by Cartier. This is an opulent creation that screams ultra elegance around the wrist.

It all lies in the twist of the lines, in their torsion emphasising the perspective within which the watch dial blends. Round and not round, this graphic interpretation allows the case and links to entwine themselves in one smooth motion. 

The torsion of the movement allows to appreciate the Maillon de Cartier‘s elegance and wearability.

With its rectangular links, hexagonal dial, bevelled brancards the design of the Maillon de Cartier watch pushes Cartier’s rhythmic geometry.

This is a watch which structure is palpable and dense. Everything in it, from the form of its links to its faceted case, makes the spirit of the watch quintessential. Its volume, angular and dense, speaks of the design force that brought it to life.

The yellow gold version is not the only one available.

The Maillon de Cartier watch family also offers exceptional pieces with gemstones that enhance the design. The dials are inlaid to echo the sequencing of the stones set in the links. The choice of stones in the blue lacquer and tsavorite version adds to the kinetic relief of the watch. 

A graphic effect and contrast that Cartier accentuates with a version in yellow gold and diamonds with black lacquer bevelled links.

Maillon de Cartier

We wanted to deconstruct the bracelet and transcend its design through a volume approach. Emotion is in the movement and tension.

Marie-Laure Cérède, Timepieces Creation Director

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