Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
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Breguet Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia

The fascinating beauty of the sea sparkles in the new Breguet's Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia

The new Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia offers an exquisite interpretation of the fascinating beauty of the seas. 

With the Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia, Breguet reveals the elegant and undulating movements of a marine plant, the Poseidonia oceanica, through the art of mother-of-pearl marquetry and invisible setting.

The dial, set with 85 baguette-cut diamonds, appears to wave across the intense iridescence of the Tahitian mother-of-pearl, which is deeply coloured or more silvery depending on the light.

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
18k white gold case; bezel, caseband, lugs and crown set with 1 briolette-cut and 123 baguette-cut diamonds, totalling approx. 7.13 carats. Dial: Tahitian mother-of-pearl, set with 85 baguette-cut diamonds, approx. 2.56 carats. Individually numbered and signed Breguet. Open-tipped Breguet hands in gold. Strap: Iridescent leather, fitted with a triple-folding buckle in white gold, set with 30 baguette-cut diamonds, approx. 0.75 carats. 

The skilful setting continues on the bezel, caseband, lugs of the strap, and the clasp of the buckle.

The mechanical heart of the Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia beats to the rhythm of calibre 591C, an extra-thin self-winding manufacture movement. 

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Mechanical self-winding movement numbered and signed Breguet, cal. 591C. 11½ lignes. 25 jewels. 38-hour power reserve. 18-karat gold rotor, adorned with Tahitian mother-of-pearl and set with 31 diamonds, approx. 0.09 carats. Frequency 4 hertz. Silicon in-line Swiss lever escapement. Flat balance spring in silicon. Breguet balance wheel. 169 components. 

Mother-of-Pearl and Diamonds 

Worked in marquetry, the Tahitian mother-of-pearl requires expertise and delicate hand.

Moreover, for this extraordinary new high jewellery watch, Breguet combines the craft with the art of invisible setting. The white gold of the dial thus disappears from view, becoming imperceptible behind the glint of the diamonds.

The artisan selects each mother-of-pearl attentively to harmonize its iridescent pattern, unique to each gem, with the inset curves of the Poseidonia. Together, their radiance evokes rays of sunshine playing on the sea’s surface.

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Close up

Staying on the dial, delicate, gold Breguet hands indicate the hours and minutes. The tip of the second-hand reveals the letter B of the maritime code of signals – a distinctive feature of the Marine collection.

The traditional baguette-set bezel facilitates reading: the distinct triangular diamonds mark each of the 12 hours.

The setting continues to the clasp of the strap buckle, echoing the inset bezel and the shape of the open-tipped Breguet hands. The B for Breguet stands out against the slightly colored metallic finish in the center of the buckle. 

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Detail of the strap and clasp buckle.

Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires 

In addition to the diamond and Tahitian mother-of-pearl Marine Haute Joaillerie, Breguet proposes three other versions with white mother-of-pearl marquetry, set with sapphires, emeralds or rubies.

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Emerald-set model – close up.

From the dominant hue of each version – red, green, or blue –, Breguet outlines the curves of the timepiece in different colours. Each of the 85 gems designing the pattern is selected for its hue, is then cut and set invisibly.

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Sapphire-set model – close up

And so, after months of work, the result reveals a singular radiance of remarkable colours, unique to each Marine Haute Joaillerie. On the bezel, the setting is composed of the different colours of the dial, just like the setting of the strap buckle. The metallic finish in the centre of the buckle also takes the dominant colour, as does the iridescent nuance of the leather strap. 

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Ruby-set model – close up

Mechanical Heart 

On the caseback, the transparent sapphire reveals the extra-thin, self-winding 591C calibre, whose bridges are engine-turned by hand with the Marine motif – inspired by the deck of a ship. On the bevel of the white-gold rotor, the gleaming diamond border nicely contrasts with the intensity of the Tahitian mother-of-pearl.

The words Horloger de la Marine (Watchmaker to the Navy) are engraved on the rim of the caseback in white gold. This refers to the title of Chronometer-maker to the French Royal Navy bestowed upon Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1815. 

Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia
Case back view

Through Breguet’s extensive watchmaking savoir-faire and expertise, the Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia is an exquisite reflection of the fascinating natural beauty of the oceans. 

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