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Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs

Boucheron's new high jewellery collection is an invitation to travel.  Ailleurs, elsewhere, is the destination that Claire Choisne and her Studio offer us with this new collection, an "elsewhere" without borders, where everything becomes possible, and nature is uncontaminated.

An invitation to travel. 

Ailleurs, elsewhere, is the destination that Claire Choisne and her Studio offer us with this new collection, an “elsewhere” without borders, where everything becomes possible, and nature is uncontaminated.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs

From deserts to oceans, mountains to rainforests, Studio Boucheron has compared and intertwined worlds and materials that might seem contradictory at first glance, where diamonds meet pebbles and burnt wood, gold meets rattan and meteorites.

In this “elsewhere”, there is only one rule: to reveal the beauty and poetry of nature. In telling this story, Claire Choisne imagined five different worlds in which each of us can find a part of ourselves. This is the essence of the collection.

1. Sand Woman 

A palette of beige, sand and blond shades is illuminated by the sun while the warm wind sculpts a silhouette on the dunes.

The Sand Woman set is an invitation to explore a dreamlike desert, a vast space of harmonious curves home to extraordinary animals. Here stones meet plants, and precious materials meet rattan.

On the Rotin Diamant (Diamond Rattan) necklace, the natural rattan fibre was moistened and then dried on a braFinally, the back. Finally, the master jewelers inserted a gold bar to maintain the final shape. High jewellery, traditionally, gives softness to hard materials, such as metals and stones.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs. Rotin Diamant Necklace.

Instead, art stiffens a naturally soft material to create this spectacular juxtaposition of rattan and diamonds. 

An Art Deco brooch that turns into a necklace combines rattan with 379 brilliant cut diamonds and gold, both yellow and pink.

From this arid landscape emerge imaginary animals: a majestic Gazelle ring, at the same time soft and powerful.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs. Gazelle Ring with diamonds in pink gold.

The tenderness of his onyx eyes contrasts with the vigour of his horns, studded with baguette-cut diamonds. A 2.15-carat diamond shines in all its splendour on the forehead. 

The Pie ring (Magpie) was a real challenge: to pierce a block of rock crystal before inserting a white gold skull with diamonds. 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Pie Ring with diamonds, rock crystal, white lacquer and gold

In addition to these imaginary animals, the pair of Earrings Coquillage Diamant (Diamond Shell) completes the Sand Woman set.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Coquillage Diamant Pendant Earrings.

To create the earrings, natural shells were seled andThen, the scanStudiohen, the Studio recreated the shells’ texture, curve and shape in gold and diamonds. The result fuses the natural shell with gold and diamonds in an entirely new way, which questions the meaning of the word “precious”.

2. Leaf Woman 

Bright tropical colours saturate the atmosphere of this second chapter. Moisture stacks the skin in an intact and lush rainforest: each piece of this set vibrates to the rhythm of a dreamlike nature.

A 37.97-carat green tourmaline decorates the Feuillage Diamant (Diamond Leaf)  cuff bracelet. It has a playful appearance from woven plants.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Feuillage Diamant Cuff.

The aluminium structure owes its intense green colour to a cataphoresis treatment, enhanced by the thin rows of diamonds that give an imposing appearance despite the piece’s lightness. 

This lightness is also present in the Papillon brooch (Butterfly), created from Lideopsis Vulgaris butterfly wings, treated to be durable before being scanned to make the gold structure that contains them (and that reproduces the original curves). 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Papillon Brooch with brown and yellow diamonds in titanium.

The Toucan bracelet sports a truly unique play of volumes and colours. Its powerful beak is composed of three blocks of citrine ideally grafted into each other, creating a chromatic scale.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Toucan Bracelet.

His eyes, which give the toucan character, are made of blue onyx and titanium against a background of white diamonds and black spinels. 

The Fleur de Paradis (Flower of Paradise) becomes a brooch and a clasp. Made of titanium, it imitates the silky appearance of the tropical flower of the same name.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Fleur de Paradis Head Jewel with amethysts, sapphires and titanium.

3. Earth Woman 

Solid and down-to-earth, Earth Woman invites us to celebrate the power of nature through primitive geology. A palette of ocher, brown and clay hues is associated with organic shapes, both animal and vegetable.

Let’s start with the Bois Diamant (Diamond Wood) brooch, a magnetic shoulder brooch. Each petal of this imaginary flower was scanned before being reproduced in Santos rosewood and laid on an openwork gold structure.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Bois Diamant Brooch, in wood and diamonds on white gold.

The titanium pistils vibrate gently with each movement of the brooch, enhancing its realism, while the colour palette questions the concept of nature. 

The Papillon Diamant single earring (Diamond Butterfly), which lies impalpably on the ear, leaps like the beetles’ wings while a drop-cut diamond surrounds the lobe. 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Papillon Earring.

The Cristaux earrings (Crystals) catapult us into the heart of the telluric forces, multiplied by cubic effects. Halfway between vintage design and scientific research on geometric crystallization, these earrings interpret the theme in pink and white gold, smoky quartz and diamonds. 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Cristaux Earrings.

The large Jack Coquillage brooch perfectly combines two Conus Marmoreus spotted shells and echoes Boucheron’s iconic Jack design. A line of gold and diamond that profiles their contours celebrates their discreet charm. At the same time, the semi-precious stones embellish the ends. 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Jack Coquillage Brooch, diamonds and white gold.

4. Pebble Woman 

A sparkling breeze blows from a lunar ocean and its boundless astral beaches in this world. Slowness, silence and softness characterise this place. The original white pebbles of the Galet Diamant necklace have been emptied from the inside to be lighter and almost semi-transparent.

These pebbles, decorated with gold tattoos, pear-cut and brilliant diamonds, have been perforated and linked to each other and are the actual signature of the mineral choreography of the Galet Diamant necklace. 

The soft shapes of the stone carved by the waves lead us to the Galet Diamant earrings and the Galet Diamant ring.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Galet Diamant Pendant Earrings. Diamonds and white gold.

organic shapes of white coral inspired the Corail Diamant brooch and the  Corail Diamant single earring. The brooch transforms into a clasp, and both jewels seem collected from an imaginary beach. 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Corail Brooch (head jewel) and earrings. Diamonds and mother of pearl in white gold.

A hedgehog, a fascinating creature of the seabed, was scanned and faithfully reproduced in silver and then trimmed to give the Oursin Diamant (Diamond Hedgehog) a milky whiteness on which pearls and diamonds sparkle.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Oursin Diamant Brooch.

The Oursin Diamant necklace showcases the shine of a princess-cut diamond and a brilliant-cut diamond and offers six different styles.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Oursin Diamant Necklace. Pearls and mother of pearl.

Two animals inhabit this singular environment, depicted in the Ring Ours Polaire (Polar Bear), whose pavé of 246 pink-cut diamonds gives a unique and glacial appearance, and in the  Elephant ring, whose skin glitters with full-cut diamonds. 

5. Volcano Man 

The fifth chapter takes us into the bowels of the Earth, exploring the magmatic power of an outer world where white meets black. The structure of a shell seen by X-rays appears on the mother-of-pearl elements of the Coquillage (Shell) white gold necklace through the airbrush technique.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Coquillage Necklace. Mother of pearls, diamonds and white gold.

The airbrushed motif gives the necklace an illusion of three-dimensionality coming from an “elsewhere”.

Burnt wood meets the clean lines of the almost minimalist Bois Brûlé Diamant (Diamond Burnt Wood) necklace. This peat oak of more than three thousand years was burned according to the Japanese technique “Chou Sugi Ban”, which gives it extraordinary resilience.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs. Bois Brûlé Necklace. Burn wood and diamonds in white gold.

The juxtaposition of diamonds reveals a powerful and unexpected contrast between materials that would otherwise be contradictory to each other. 

The Loup (Wolf)  ring depicts a wolf howling at the moon as he wanders around the world of Volcano Man. A protective and aggregating animal whose realism is enlivened by meteorites, diamonds, white gold, platinum and onyx. 

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs – Loup Ring. Meteorite diamonds, white gold and platinum.

The single earring Octopus, designed as a meeting point between tattoo and sea creature, adorns the head with its white gold arabesques, enhanced by 178 mother-of-pearl plates and 443 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Boucheron – Carte Blanche, Ailleurs. Octopus Earring in mother of pearl, diamonds and white gold.

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