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Bulgari Lvcea Mosaïque: gilded brilliance… and a grain of sand

Bulgari Lvcea Mosaïque


Bulgari Lvcea Mosaïque
Bulgari Lvcea Mosaïque


An authentic world premiere, and in tribute to Ancient Rome, endless source of inspiration, Bulgari new Lvcea Mosaïque introduces dials paved with gold tiles that create a unique mosaic of dancing light, and the result is timeless fascination.

Bulgari Lvcea Mosaïque is undoubtedly a timepiece, but it is – also and above all – a jewel.


The central element of this new creation is its dial, unique in its genre, as it is paved with 700 mirror-polished 18k pink or white gold tiles, each measuring 0.84 mm, that are meticulously placed, one by one, in a long and very patient exercise.


Bulgari Lvcea Mosaïque
Bulgari Lvcea Mosaique, placing the golden tiles.


Starting from the dial’s very centre and progressively radiating to the outer sides, the tiles are placed without joints, to avoid any misplaced light effects that might appear in the tiny gaps between the tiles themselves. Perfection here is a keyword that guides the entire process.

The search is the best possible light reflection, and the artisans working on the timepiece simply follow their own personal inspiration and artistic sense to achieve it.


Bulgari Lvcea Mosaique golden tiles
Bulgari Lvcea Mosaique golden tiles


An ‘art of imbalance’ that is reached by placing these tiny tiles in a way as to obtain a mosaic that is not uniformly flat and that renders light in a unique way, partly thanks to tiny shifts and slants invisible to the naked eye.


Bulgari Lvcea Mosaique
Bulgari Lvcea Mosaique, 18kt pink gold version.
Brilliant-cut diamond hour-markers
33mm 18kt pink gold case set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds (~ 1.79 ct), crown in 18kt pink gold set with a pink cabochon-cut rubellite
Brown galuchat strap (black in the white gold model)
Water-resistant to 50m
Mechanical self-winding movement


And here comes the wonderful touch of human genius, as the gold tiles are placed having a grain of sand underneath, that serves to achieve this slightly slanting position and, all together, the tiles come to form an uneven surface that generates, after two days of work, that unique shimmer.

In limited edition and available in boutique as of November 2017, Lvcea Mosaïque is a great proof of extreme artisanship, a new interpretation that once again highlights the line’s character, and is more in tune than ever with the meaning of its name – Lvcea, daughter of light. CC



All material courtesy of Bulgari Press Office


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