Bulgari Beyond Wonder
Bulgari High Jewellery NFT

Bulgari Beyond Wonder

The Roman Jeweller presents its first NFT high jewellery collection at the global tech event in Paris.

The Roman Jeweller presents its first NFT high jewellery collection at the global tech event in Paris.

Bulgari will attend the seventh edition of VivaTech, Europe’s biggest start-up and tech event. VivaTech will take place from June 15 to 18 in Paris, with a dedicated booth inside the LVMH Pavillion.

Bulgari will present three exciting projects connected by the same vision. Complex and innovative technologies will be at the service of easy, accessible and rich experiences. All this in tune with the sense of beauty and the always bold approach of the Roman Jeweller.

The Bulgari Metaverse

This is the most awaited revelation of the Roman Jeweller at the event. The Italian Maison will unveil it as a world first and it will only be available from the LVMH Pavilion at VivaTech.

A virtual world as an immersive and entirely new experience of the Bulgari world of the future. A world realized with incredible technology which offers a glimpse of the development of the brand’s creative vision. 

The visitor will experience a world flooded with light – one of the Eternal City’s distinctive features. A universe where to immerse oneself into Bulgari’s rich heritage. An heritage made of the idea of hospitality, brand campaigns and breath-taking stores of the future.

This is why these images are a stunning teaser of all that the Roman brand still has in store for its worldwide audience. Moreover, they are also a taste of what will come soon, unveiling the Bulgari metaverse concept as the first step of a new adventure. 

The first Bulgari NFT high jewellery creation – Beyond Wonder

At the intersection between heritage and creation, traditional artisanal techniques and clever digital solutions, the three-piece NFT High Jewellery collection represents a bold testament to the Roman House’s pioneering DNA and constant quest for innovation.

Bulgari NFT High Jewellery masterpiece: Beyond Wonder

This exclusive digital jewellery series includes the exceptional masterpiece Beyond Wonder, the first NFT jewel ever realized by Bulgari: an immaterial creation, going beyond the limits of matter through a unique conversation between traditional craftsmanship and the endless universe of cutting edge Italian digital technologies. 

Embracing the face and body like an ultra-precious climbing plant, this jewel – impossible to achieve in the real world – finds its splendid existence in the digital dimension.

Conceived by Bulgari’s Jewellery Creative Director Lucia Silvestri in cooperation with the team of designers, this extraordinary creation encapsulates Bulgari’s deep jewellery savoir-faire and the brand’s future-oriented vision.

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