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The Sewelô Diamond

A day set in the history of diamond discoveries as Louis Vuitton acquires the second-largest rough diamond in the world.

Louis Vuitton announced the acquisition of the second-largest diamond in the world.

The Sewelô Diamond

A “Rare Find”

The Sewelô diamond is a rare and exceptional rock. With its 1,758 carats, this is the second biggest rough diamond in the world.

Miners discovered the rough last 19 April 2019 in the Karowe mine, in Botswana. The mine is property of Lucara Diamond Corp.

Its name “Sewelô” means “rare find” in the Setswana language. The diamond is not only the second-largest rough crystal in the world but also the biggest one that left Botswana.

The Rough

The Sewelô diamond is as big as a tennis ball. Its measures are 83 mm x 62 mm x 46 mm and it weighs 352 grams.

This huge crystal is second only to the world-famous Cullinan (3,106 carats and discovered in South Africa in 1905). The Cullinan gave origin to fabulous diamonds that are today part of the British Crown jewels.

The unearthing process was key in leaving the rough untouched. Lucara’s high-tech XRT circuit, a highly advanced recovery process avoided the rock containing the precious stone to be smashed.

The first analysis on this fabulous gem confirmed its value with thanks to its “predominant white colour of high quality”. More investigations will be conducted in the months to come.

Unconventional Beauty

The Sewelô diamond is a spectacular rock. This not only for its dimensions but also for its characteristics of shape, colour, formation and composition.

First of all, the rough has a thin coat of black carbon. This hides 2 billion years of history of the earth, hiding its potential beauty.

Therefore the exact magnitude of the diamond’s colour variations and clarity is still unknown. This is what makes it even more fascinating.

Finally, this is why the unique and still mysterious properties of the Sewelô diamond, its carbon coating and what lies under it will imply the usage of new nanotechnologies instead of standard ones to study it.

Working on the Stone Cut

Louis Vuitton, that secured the diamond for an unknown amount, is closely working with master cutters from HB Company, Antwerp, to study the gem in the tiniest details.

In fact, because of the black carbon coat, it is unknown whether there is a pure white diamond beneath the surface or not.

This is why HB Company will use the latest in scanning and imaging to define the stone’s potential with accurate precision.

This will lead to the planning of the cutting to reveal, we hope, magnificent Louis Vuitton “cut to measure” diamonds, all of these modelled on Louis Vuitton Monogram emblematic symbols.

The Sewelô Diamond

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