Graff’s comeback at La Biennale des Antiquaires is a sensational one, thanks to a selection of high jewellery that will certainly make history.

To talk about Graff means to talk about diamonds – not ordinary diamonds though, but truly outstanding gems, fit for Royalty.

One of Graff’s collection main protagonist is the Royal Star of Paris, a  brooch featuring two diamonds with a total weight of 271,33 carats: for sure an unprecedented and extraordinary piece, emanating a warm light, just like a miniature sun:

Graff The Royal Star of Paris
Graff’s The Royal Star of Paris, named in honour of the Biennale des Antiquaires, stars the Graff Sunflower, a 107.46ct Fancy Yellow cushion-cut diamond, from which is suspended the the Graff Perfection, a 100ct D Flawless pear-shaped diamond drop.


Blue diamonds are dreamy and romantic, somewhat melancholic gems, and a hypnotic blue diamond is the main character of Le Collier Bleu de Rêve:

Graff Le Collier Bleu de Rêve Necklace. 10.47 cts Fancy Vivid Blue Internally Flawless briolette diamond; 4.22 carat old-mine Colombian emerald; 192 faceted beaded diamonds


A transformable jewellery piece, the central element can be detached from the beaded diamond necklace and worn alone as a brooch.


The Diamond Flower Brooch, flourishes around a spectacular 8,97 carats Fancy Vivid Pink Orange diamond, cut in pear shape:

Graff Diamond Flower Brooch
Graff’s Diamond Flower Brooch features an 8.97ct pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Pink Orange diamond, surrounded by a spray of white diamond petals and leaves. The brooch is further enhanced with a 38.13ct D Flawless pear-shaped white diamond suspended from a leaf of the flower.


Here is an authentic masterpiece: the Sapphire and Diamonds “Secret” Tassel Brooch: a pavé diamond watch face is concealed suspended from a delicate platinum chain.

Two ornate brooches with pear shape sapphires at their centres are embraced by a scintillating arrangement of the finest white diamonds, united by five rows of stunning sapphire and diamond beads.  This highly unique creation can be worn three ways; as a single piece, individual brooches, or as a single brooch with a mesmerising tassel.


Finally, my sweetheart: a 10,62 carats fancy diamonds crossover ring: an exquisite 5.01 carat Fancy Brown Orange Pink Internally Flawless pear shape diamond and a 5.05 carat Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow pear shape diamond are perfectly juxtaposed within this jewellery piece. A delicate line of pavé stones link the diamonds together, forming a perfect circle.

Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow & Fancy Brown Orange Pink IF Pear Shape Diamond (10.62cts).

An incredible spectacle of hundreds of carats of flawless diamonds dazzling the most jaded.

Source material: The Jewellery Editor, Graff Diamonds.

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