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The Reign of the Panther

A truly wild animal, the Panther is more than a mere symbol for Cartier. It is a timeless icon that is both predatory and elegant, restrained yet always ready to pounce.

Roaming free with emerald eyes, onyx muzzle and diamond-set coat, the creations from the Panther Collection make their mark on the world of jewelry. – Cartier

Panthère de Cartier Collection, platinum necklace, cultured pearls, onyx, emeralds, diamonds. Picture: Tania & Vincent © Cartier

To celebrate one hundreds years of this elegant icon, Cartier has presented early this month (September ’14) a collection composed of 56 pieces devoted entirely to the queen of Cartier’s fauna.

The Maison’s emblematic panther, first leaped into the world of Cartier jewellery in 1914. Louis Cartier was a pioneer in taming the legendary creature and his associate Jeanne Toussaint went on to make magnificent use of the icon. The panther has since inspired a timeless and elegant collection of jewelry and timepieces that show the multiple facets of the animal that can be at times bold, regal or sensual.

Panthère de Cartier ring, 18k yellow gold, tsavorite garnets, onyx.
Panthère de Cartier ring, 18k white gold, set with a 2,13 carat cushion-cut aquamarine, two oval-cut beryls, totaling 2,33 carats, 448 brillian-cut diamonds totaling 3,08 carats, emeralds and onyx.
Panthère de Cartier necklace, 18k white gold, set with 817 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 5,92 carats, 5 emeralds totaling 5,92 carats and onyx.
Panthère de Cartier necklace, 18k yellow gold, black laquer, set with a 41,13 carat mandarin garnet bead, tsavorite garnets and onyx.
High Jewelry. Panthère de Cartier bracelet, 18K white gold, one cabochon-cut opal, chrysoberyl beads, emerald eyes, onyx, brown diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds.
Bracelet in 18K yellow gold with panther head motif, head and tail paved with diamonds, onyx nose, spots and tail, emerald eyes.

Images from Cartier

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