Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Théia Necklace
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Cartier Magnitude

A clash of precious and semi-precious materials. A style rich in history that looks into the future. Signed by Cartier.

Magnitude, Cartier’s new high jewellery collection, speaks of unusual materials, cuts and stone combinations, epitomising the Maison’s character and style.

With Magnitude, Cartier dares with gemstones that in high jewellery are rarely seen together.

Diamonds and rutilated quartz, sapphires and matrix opals, emeralds and crystal rock, pink diamonds with morganite and coral. Unexpected encounters where gems start a lively and elegant conversation, a dialogue between opacity and transparency, strong colours and iridescent hues, earth and light.

And light is the absolute protagonist here, thanks to the jewels’ light and flexible structures, set the gemstones free from the metal and allow them to be able to express themselves with all their strength – fluidly touching the skin.

Like in the collier Aphélie, for which Cartier chose a golden brown rutilated quartz. A seducing gem which captures the gaze for its intensity and its warm tones. The collier’s design has a sunray motif which embraces the cabochon with its coloured tassels that highlight the gem’s inclusions glares.

Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Aphélie Necklace
Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Aphélie Necklace.
Pink gold, one 68.85-carat cabochon-cut rutilated quartz, one 0.74-carat fancy pink-brown pear-shaped diamond, one 1.01-carat fancy deep brown orange-toned pink diamond, one 0.53-carat fancy pink-brown cushion-cut diamond, one 0.50-carat fancy deep orange-toned pink cushion-cut diamond, morganite beads, coral, onyx, brilliant-cut diamonds.

While playing the game of attraction and juxtaposition, the rounded shape of the central stone collides with the needles that weave the material. The delicate morganite spheres perfectly match the diamond and onyx points that decorate the jewel’s profile.

Touches of coral and pink diamonds exalt the chromatic harmony, while the onyx punctuates and creates an interesting perspective — an entirely articulated and delicate jewel, endowed with an essential geometry.

The Théia necklace, which features a rare selection of seven round-shaped Colombian emeralds, goes from the warm brown of rutilated quartz to the cold emerald green, framed by rock crystal’s white.

Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Théia Necklace
Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Théia Necklace. Platinum, seven round Colombian emeralds for a total weight of 46.09 carats, carved rock crystal, onyx, black lacquer, brilliant-cut diamonds.

Emeralds are known for their delicate nature, and Cartier’s master artisans set them at the centre of rock crystal motifs. The correspondence created by this contrast is just perfect.

The rock crystal rests on the skin – flat on the front and sculpted on its back, a hand-made masterpiece – and amplifies the emeralds’ light. This jewel powerfully recalls Cartier’s Art Deco most famous creations, by its onyx accents, their black contrasting with the emeralds and their lines touching diamonds and quartz.

This design creates a rhythm that amplifies itself without interruptions. This jewel follows the Maison’s tradition not only because of its design inspiration but also because it is a transformable piece. This necklace can be used as a brooch or as a chain.

Another impressive piece in this collection, for both gems and contrasts, is the Zemia bracelet. Here blue and purple sapphires are the main protagonists, and the jewel’s structure evokes a landscape where, at its centre, appears a matrix opal of 77.27 carats.

Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Zemia Bracelet
Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Zemia Bracelet.
White gold, one 77.27-carat Australian cabochon-cut matrix opal, four purple cushion-cut Madagascar sapphires for a total weight of 14.39 carats, square and cabochon-cut sapphires, briolette-cut spessartite garnets, brilliant-cut diamonds.

This opal was what drove the design of this bracelet, including the choice of materials and the of colours. Rocky brown, icy and watery blue and purple glares recall the earth’s tonalities. These dominant hues match significant gem cuts: the rounded and facetted briolette, the palpable and geometrical diamond sparkles. These are all elements that make the Zemia bracelet vibrant with life.

Cartier’s Magnitude high jewellery collection is all about contrasts – of worlds, of colours, of textures – and the Équinoxe necklace is the epitome of this creative outline.

Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Equinoxe Necklace
Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Équinoxe Necklace.
Yellow gold, one 15.48-carat yellow octagonal Ceylon sapphire, lapis lazuli beads, cushion-cut yellow diamonds, brilliant-cut orange and white diamonds.

This necklace presents a frame of lapis lazuli set all-around a real constellation of yellow, orange and white diamonds which hosts an imposing yellow-orange octagonal-cut sapphire at its centre.

A jewel that irradiates pure light, is as delicate as lace and the tiny pyrite inclusions in the lapis lazuli are like stars in the night sky.

The ‘magnitude’ of this high jewellery collection speaks of distant worlds which are only apparently opposed to one another, and that reach a perfect balance through a creative vision that goes hand in hand with Cartier’s great heritage. A vision that takes from the past and looks forward into the future, in constant renovation.

Cartier’s Magnitude collection adds, then, a new and highly original page to the Jeweller’s book of style and design.

Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Yuma Necklace
Cartier Magnitude High Jewellery Collection Yuma Necklace.
Platinum, one 3.06-carat fancy brown-yellow modified shield-shaped diamond, one 1.91-carat fancy deep brown yellow modified rhomboid diamond, four fancy intense orange-toned yellow rectangular diamonds for a total weight of 2.31 carats, one 0.49-carat fancy intense orange-toned yellow cushion-cut diamond, one 0.49-carat fancy intense orange-toned yellow round-cornered square diamond, yellow briolette-cut diamonds, yellow diamond beads, yellow half-moon-shaped diamonds, yellow diamond edges, rose-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds.

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