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Résonances de Cartier: colour vibrates with a new harmony

Bold and exceptional gems. A precious language that transforms itself into a precious sign. Discover the new high jewellery collection Résonances de Cartier.

Exceptional gems are sparkling with light and vibrating with colour which gives fire to contemporary jewels endowed with a fresh and charming allure. Bejewelled wonders that look to the future while glimpsing back to the past. All this is the essence of the new high jewellery collection Résonances de Cartier.



With this new high jewellery collection, Cartier plays with gems and set them at the very centre of the narrative storytelling.


The volumes, the intensity and depth of colours, the enticing emotions stemming out of a stupified admiration let the gems talk. A conversation in a precious language that transforms itself into a precious sign.

On paper, the gemstone is the absolute protagonist, inspiring lines and architectures that will inform unique, rare jewellery masterpieces.

These are jewels that are to be interpreted by reading the beating time of remarkable stones that “resonate” with the inner rhythm of the wearer, of the admirer.


Résonances de Cartier is not only a high jewellery collection.


It is the expression of a visual harmony, of the dancing light refracted by a diamond’s facets and intensified by the deep hue of a sapphire, an emerald, a fascinating rubellite.

Résonances de Cartier is a collection in which the precious stones are like divas, elevated by graphics and dynamic lines that move both freely or in contrast with them.

Those lines that define the jewel’s aesthetic, the philosophy of a design that composes motifs and movements following the body in a fluid and sensual way, with a precise and measured pace.


Résonances de Cartier is indeed a collection that lives of a creative dualism, vividly recalling the Maison’s stylistic heritage.


A story that begins at the end of the XIXth century, with those first creations of Neo-Classical style that with Cartier will reach their highest. A tale that projects itself into the future by reinventing the rigorous geometries of another artistic expression in which Cartier excelled: the Art Deco.


Classic and modern fascinations permeate the collection, in perfect balance.


Classic fascinations, like in the collier Écume, flamboyantly sumptuous with its white diamonds, fine pearls and fancy yellow and fancy light yellow briolette-cut diamonds. A composition aerial like sea foam.


Résonances de Cartier Collier/Sautoir Écume
Résonances de Cartier Collier/Sautoir Écume
Platinum, three Fancy Yellow VS1 briolette-cut diamonds totalling 74.24 carats, oval-shaped diamonds, natural pearls, rose-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds.


Or like in the collier Harmonie, which recalls that garland style that attracted Royal Houses and aristocratic families all over the world, crowning Cartier “King of jewellers, jewellers to Kings”.

In this transformable jewel, the central pendant can be detached and worn like an elegant sautoir, leaving the necklace as a graceful diamond lace collar.


Résonances de Cartier Collier/Pendente Harmonie
Résonances de Cartier Collier/Pendant Harmonie
Platinum, ten D/E/F IF/VVS1/ VVS2 pear-shaped diamonds totalling 10.57 carats, twenty-one D/E/F IF/VVS1/VVS2/VS1/ VS2 marquise-shaped diamonds totalling 15.06 carats, pear-shaped diamonds, marquise-shaped diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds. The piece can be worn in different ways.



Cartier remains faithful to the transformable jewel also in the case of the Hyperbole tiara, that can crown a queen in the grandest style as well as adorn her neck once transformed into a necklace. A dream that becomes real thanks to a splendid Colombian cabochon-cut central emerald of 140.2 carats.


Résonances de Cartier Diadema/Collier Hyperbole
Résonances de Cartier Tiara/Necklace Hyperbole
White gold, one 140.21-carat square-shaped cabochon-cut emerald from Colombia, brilliant-cut diamonds.
Résonances de Cartier Diadema/Collier Hyperbole
Résonances de Cartier Tiara Hyperbole


Or like in the Rhythmic necklace, which central element can be removed and used as a refined brooch.


Résonances de Cartier Collier/Spilla Rythmic
Résonances de Cartier Necklace/Brooch Rythmic
Platinum, 10.08-carat E VS1 kite diamond, one 1.33-carat hexagonal-shaped D VS1 diamond, one 1.04-carat kite D VS2 diamond, diamond beads totalling 54.43 carats, brilliant-cut diamonds.


Modern fascinations, evoking the rigorous Art Deco, like in the Orbite ring, where a fine line of rubies frames the clarity of two diamonds romantically cut as half-moons.


Résonances de Cartier Anello Orbite
Résonances de Cartier Orbite Ring
White gold, one 5.02-carat F VS1 and one 4.72-carat F VS2 half-moon-shaped diamond, calibrated rubies, brilliant-cut diamonds.


Or like in the Clair Obscur ring, a fascinating contrast in black and white thanks to the juxtaposition of a pear-cut fancy black diamond to a white diamond E colour internally flawless, surrounded by the mysterious embrace of black lacquer.


Résonances de Cartier Anello Clair Obscur
Résonances de Cartier Clair Obscur Ring
Platinum, one 2.73-carat Fancy Black pear-shaped diamond, one 2.05-carat E IF pear-shaped diamond, black lacquer, brilliant-cut diamonds.


The Art Deco style found with Cartier its most significant expression in the ‘Tutti Frutti’ style. Today it is magnetically suggested in the monochromatic interpretation of the Murmure necklace, a triumph of rubellites where the colour blazes in the briolette cut and it softens down in the mild curves of the cabochon cut, accentuated by brilliant-cut diamonds contrasting with black lacquer.


Résonances de Cartier Collier Murmure
Résonances de Cartier Collier Murmure
White gold, one 40.33-carat briolette-cut rubellite, rubellite beads, cabochon-cut rubellites, black lacquer, brilliant-cut diamonds.


All these are inspirations that are the most diverse, calling on different forms as unmistakable visual codes, which are pillars of Cartier’s style – the support of the reinterpreted scenery of a stage where one can see emotionally involving creations that write new chapters of a story rich in savoir-faire and heritage.

The unique pieces of the collection Résonances de Cartier are not mere high jewellery pieces, are sublime interpretations.

They are interpretations of a palpable energy that resonates, and it is amplified by the gemstones, by the rhythmic reference that runs from one jewel to the other.

They are interpretations of light and its radiant clarity, of the movement of pure, fluid lines, which continuously appear and disappear.

They are interpretations that infuse new life, that raise and that at the same time shatter the stylistic creativity’s barriers, by elevating the jewel’s design and the gemstone’s soul in musical compositions resounding at a higher harmonic level. CC 




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