The 476 carat Meya Prosperity rough diamond ©Donald Woodrow
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The Meya Prosperity diamond goes to Graff’s

Laurence Graff is crowned "King of Diamonds" once again thanks to the acquisition of the exceptional 'Meya Prosperity' rough.

Graff Diamonds signed a new chapter in the book of historical gemstones acquisitions by acquitting the Meya Prosperity, a 476-carat rough discovered in Sierra Leone.


The Meya Prosperity is the 29th largest diamond in the world, and it is the 5th from Sierra Leone. The rough was in fact discovered in the Kono district by Meya Mining, founded by Trustco Resources.


The 476 carat Meya Prosperity rough diamond ©Donald Woodrow
The 476-carat Meya Prosperity rough diamond ©Donald Woodrow


An exceptional and unique finding for an almost miraculous unearthing considering that the Meya Prosperity is among the very first roughs extracted from the mine.

Such a discovery marks a bright future for the Region. Ibrahim Sorie Kamara (from Sierra Leone) believes that obtaining its licence and the finding of such a treasure will guide a substantial change and the development of his country.

Ibrahim Sorie Kamara

Many citizens of Sierra Leone will have the opportunity of getting out of the foreign investors’ shadow and so pursuing opportunities like this one, that cannot but be beneficial to our country. Give me this opportunity to inspire my generation and start our country’s real economical development engine.


Jan Joubert comments on the partnership with Graff Diamonds, a liaison that focuses on values and aspirations, to write a new chapter in the diamond mining industry and to give it maximum worth.

Jan Joubert

We are delighted with the agreement with Laurence Graff for the Meya Prosperity diamond. Graff, under Laurence Graff’s direction, is the best positioned to write the history of this faboulous diamond and to maximise its value thanks to its uncomparable experience in maximising the value, both economic and of reputation, of exceptional stones – for all the stakeholders. It is important for us to align with companies that understand our values and aspirations – transparency, responsibility and integrity. Graff is such a company.


model poses with the 476 carat meya prosperity rough diamond ©donald woo...
Model poses with the 476-carat Meya Prosperity rough diamond ©Donald Woodrow


Earlier in 2017, Sierra Leone released the Peace Diamond, also acquired by Laurence Graff.

The Meya Prosperity and the Peace diamonds join then the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona, as well as another 373-carat diamond among a series of exceptional acquisitions led by Graff in 2017.

If we consider all this, we see that Graff has by now acquired, cut and polished the majority of the 21 largest diamonds of the XXIst century.

Laurence Graff

In 2017 we acquired four among the most important diamonds in history, and we are very proud to be the guardians of exceptional stones of such an absolute rarity.

Our team of experts will spend several months analising the Meya Prosperity, to reveal its remarkable potential. This with an extreme attention and precaution, like we do with each one of our precious diamonds.

The upcoming months with bring great excitement, when we will start discovering the results of of the cut and the polishing of these incredible stones. We are preparing ourselves to reveal diamonds among the most faboulous and precious the world has ever known.






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