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Re-editing a classic: Piaget’s “traditional oval” watches

Piaget Oval Watch

Unusual shapes, vivid colours and rare materials: the Maison Piaget showed great creative daring during the 1960s and 70s through its interpretations of the free and non-conformist spirit typical of the era. This period of liberation was expressed by exploring the potential of unusual materials as well as new ways of wearing watches.

Representing an important landmark in the legacy of the Maison, the traditional oval watch is reinterpreted in a spirit of contemporary elegance vividly reflecting Piaget’s signature aesthetic boldness. A historical model from the heritage collection, revisited to echo the stylistic blossoming of the Maison during the 1960s – a period that gave rise to the Piaget look, a style that continues to exercise an inimitably bold appeal through the beauty of its shapes, allied with timeless originality and the triumph of unbridled creativity.

G0A40212 and G0A40211_DUO

From the 1960s onwards, the complete merging of watchmaking and jewellery enabled Piaget to explore the magic hard stones and gold in crafting its surprising creations. The abundant range of possibilities in designing women’s watches expressed Piaget’s indomitable imaginative powers.

One watch in particular, with its oval case set with diamonds and emeralds, its jade dial as well as its distinctive, delicately engraved bracelet, became a firm favourite among the most stylish personalities of the decade. Interpreted in a number of variations, this model is part of the Piaget heritage and its bracelet has become an authentic brand signature.

Early 1970s
Model from early 1970s
Piaget Traditional Oval watch as probably worn by Jackie Kennedy, with jade dial and emerald accents at the 3, 6, 9 and 12).
Piaget Traditional Oval watch as probably worn by Jackie Kennedy, with natural jade dial and emerald accents at the 3, 6, 9 and 12.

This year’s collection, inspired by this legendary watch, perpetuates the tradition of Piaget goldsmithing, a skill conveyed through the beauty of a delicately crafted bracelet. The elegantly hand-crafted “palace” finish gives the bracelet an almost iridescent effect, like a wild silk ribbon embracing the curve of the wrist. Inspired by Haute Couture methods, the reverse side of the bracelet most vividly displays the technical virtuosity of the Maison. The multitude of assembled links creates an extremely refined overall effect, within which each part is precisely fashioned to form an incomparable light gold “fabric”. The bracelet is fitted directly to the case so as to form a single case and bracelet ensemble.



To highlight the jewellery dimension of this new creation, a silver-toned oval dial radiating absolute purity beautifully offsets the line of diamonds adorning the bezel. Claw setting enables each stone to play a seductive game with light. Elegance, beauty and refinement: the Piaget traditional oval watches, in white or rose gold, are authentic jewellery works of art that continue to elicit wonderment in their uniquely radiant way.


Post edited by Claudia Carletti, Jewellery Through Time. All material courtesy of Piaget Press Office. 

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