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De Grisogono High Jewellery

de Grisogono: 25 years of daring creativity

High jewellery in triumph at Pisa Orologeria, Milan

High jewellery in all its splendour to celebrate the Maison’s 25th anniversary.

At Pisa Orologeria, the Milanese landmark and reference point for the best in fine watchmaking, a temporary exhibition of high jewellery unique pieces celebrates the creative genius of the luxury Maison de Grisogono – until November 25.

The exhibition is hosted at the boutique’s second floor, which is exclusively dedicated to jewellery, and where the Maison recently opened their private lounge last month.

de Grisogono Jewellery Lounge at Pisa Orologeria, Milan

A creativity which set de Grisogono apart from all other Jewellery Houses, thanks to its bold use of colour blocking, important volumes and baroque lines. The result is an ensemble of unique creations, immediately recognizable, with a style of their own.

From the outset, my creative vision has been entirely different from what people were used to seeing and at one point I was profoundly convinced that it was time for me to show the world this unconventional and contemporary approach while always showing my respect for traditional High Jewellery craftsmanship.

Fawaz Gruosi, de Grisogono Founder & Creative Director

A creative approach that broke all existing conventions.

The Black Diamond.

As unknown and unconsidered in jewellery as it was, de Grisogono took the black diamond to a higher and nobler level.

In 2002 Fawaz Gruosi unveiled “The Spirit of de Grisogono”: a spectacular ring featuring an equally spectacular 312.30-carat black diamond. So spectacular the ring was that it was exhibited at the History Museum in Paris.

The Spirit of de Grisogono

“The Spirit of de Grisogono” created a huge sensation worldwide, and it became the Maison’s style benchmark to tend to, its emblem.

The use of this gemstone immediately set de Grisogono apart from its contemporary jewellery designers, becoming its distinctive style, its signature.

de Grisogono high jewellery necklace
de Grisogono – High Jewellery – Black and White Diamond Necklace

This was the starting point to create and develop a concept of high jewellery which had to be different, iconic and highly distinctive.

The Mediterranean heritage

Fawaz Gruosi, de Grisogono’s Founder and Creative Director, has Italian origins.

From this personal aspect of his derives the love for colours, for contrasts and for subtle nuances.

de Grisogono High Jewellery Bracelet
de Grisogono – High Jewellery Bracelet

This is why the Mediterranean landscapes one of Gruosi’s privileged sources of inspiration when designing his creations.

de Grisogono - Melody of Colours Earrings
de Grisogono – Melody of Colours Earrings

His jewels tell an intense story of natural beauty, colour and light. The gems’ unusual juxtaposition surprise and enhance each single cut, each single sparkle, each single hue.

On the Red Carpet

de Grisogono would not be what it is without the Red Carpet – the one in Cannes being a darling one for the brand.

The Red Carpet served, as still does today, as the privileged stage on which to unveil new, spectacular creations, adorning worldwide famous top models, actresses and celebrities.

de Grisogono - High Jewellery Diamond and Sapphire Necklace
de Grisogono – High Jewellery Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

This might be what the general public think of when thinking of the Maison (thanks also to the social media’s virality). Truth is that, when one thinks of de Grisogono, one immediately visualizes splendid beauties adorned by amazingly flamboyant creations, all among the press’ flashes.

de Grisogono – Celebration Party at Villa des Oliviers, Cannes (May 15th, 2018)
de Grisogono - High Jewellery Diamond and Sapphire Necklace
de Grisogono – High Jewellery Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

Beauties who inspire sensuous, extra-feminine and self-asserting jewels and jewels which are created just for them. The perfect match.

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