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Jannah: a five-petal story

Eastern and Western worlds reunite and find a voice in Bvlgari's latest high jewellery collection.

An unprecedented collaboration brings to life the bond between two cities, their shared values and heritage.

There are ties – among places, people – that assume a deep meaning in time. This is what bound two cities, Rome and Abu Dhabi, and two persons, Lucia Silvestri, creative director at Bulgari, and Princess Sheikha Fatima bint Hazza bin Zayed al Nahyan.

These two women have so much in common. They share personal stories and a vision of life. They represent two worlds that appear to be so distant and yet so close, that are united by the love for beauty and family, by the love for life itself.

Bulgari’s new high jewellery collection, Jannah, stems out of this spiritual sisterhood.

Unveiled for the first time at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi last February, this collection includes nine creations exclusive to the Princess, together with 26 designs.

Among these, one will find unique and exceptional pieces, like the ‘poncho necklace’, ring-bracelets evoking the Arabian Nights’ atmosphere and a very special sautoir.

The fil rouge, a five-petal flower.

The Emerald Flower Sautoir was created following Princess Fatima’s wish to offer her grandmother something special.

The sautoir’s pendant is designed following the five-petal flower that adorns the Carrara marble ceilings of Abu Dhabi Mosquee.

Bvlgari Jannah Collection
Bvlgari Jannah High Jewellery Collection. Emerald Flower Sautoir.

At its centre, a splendid cushion-cut Colombian emerald. The gem weighs 13,38 carats, and its splendour is enhanced by mother of pearl and diamonds.

On the sautoir’s back, the Princess had her grandfather’s name inscribed, in Arabic, for her grandmother to have it on her heart. A very delicate touch.

Bvlgari, Jannah High Jewellery Collection. Emerald Flower Sautoir, back.

Passing from the sentimental to the fashion-oriented jewel, Bulgari introduced the ring-bracelet.

The ring-bracelet is a traditional piece of the Arabic jewellery tradition. It is the symbol of the liaison between East and West.

Bvlgari, Hannah High Jewellery Collection. Ring-bracelet.

Thanks to its fluid structure, the ring-bracelet adorns the feminine wrist and hand with light grace and elegance.

The poncho necklace was first introduced in the Fiorever jewellery collection, and it immediately became a hit.

For me the poncho is something extraordinary, unusual. Bvlgari launched this magnificent new shape in 2018 for the Fiorever collection, today the poncho is one of our masterpieces.

Lucia Silvestri, Creative Director for High Jewellery at Bvlgari

Bvlgari, Jannah High Jewellery Collection. Poncho necklace.
White gold set with mother of pearls elements, 46 rubellite beads (213.77 cts), 62 Akoya white cultured pearls, 41 round emeralds (5.02 cts), 28 round diamonds (D-F VVS 11.39 cts), round diamonds and pavé-set. diamonds (D-F IF-VVS 42.45 cts)

The necklace appears today in the Jannah high jewellery collection. It dresses up the shoulders with its delicate gold thread, that is ornated by precious gemstones.

A true work of art that required 1,500 hours of work from one single goldsmith and that is destined to become a true trend.

A jewellery collection designed together with a princess must have tiaras.

Tiaras symbolize status, power and beauty. In the Jannah High Jewellery Collection, the tiara is revisited. It is contemporary yet it strongly recalls its origin.

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima has stimulated me a lot for the creation of this jewel. In this very interesing cultural exhange she inspired me for a new creativity and the result was a very elegant and feminine, truly unexpected hair ornament.

Lucia Silvestri, Creative Director for High Jewellery at Bvlgari

Bvlgari, Hannah High Jewellery Collection. Tiara in pink gold set with mother of pearl elements, 129 Akoya white cultured pearls, 204 round brilliant diamonds and pavé-set diamonds (D-F IF-VVS 64.16 cts).
Bvlgari, Jannah High Jewellery Collection Fashion Show. Tiara.

Today we manifest the dreams that we dared yesterday.

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Bvlgari Jannah collection
Bvlgari Jannah High Jewellery Collection.

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