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GemGenève, the true spirit of the jewellery world revealed

Highly esteemed merchants and industry dealers worldwide join forces to reveal the secret world of international gem and jewellery trading. An intimate, elegant, contemporary show that will bring together 100 top-level exhibitors to showcase the expertise and excellence of the jewellery world.

An intimate, elegant, contemporary show that will open its doors and will bring together 100 top-level exhibitors aiming at revealing the true spirit of the jewellery world and showcasing its expertise and excellence. All this is GemGenève – Geneva International Gem & Jewellery Show – that will take place in Geneva next 10 to 13 May.


The first edition of GemGenève has chosen a natural location, Geneva: a global watchmaking centre also home to world-renowned gem merchants and antique jewellery dealers.

The chosen days are not there by accident. The jewellery show will indeed take place at the same time as the great auctions, at a time when the city of Geneva indeed becomes the epicentre of luxury.


GemGenève co-founders: Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah.


GemGenève: two illustrious co-founders – Thomas Faerber & Ronny Totah.


Thomas Faerber leads the fourth-generation family business, the Faerber Collection, and he is specialised in exceptional gemstones, diamonds and rare antique jewellery.

With a reputation built on acquiring historical gems, it is not surprising that he sold to the Louvre in Paris, in 2004, a historic emerald and diamond necklace with matching earrings. This suite is displayed today alongside the French Crown Jewels. In that same 2004, Thomas Faerber was awarded the medal of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, to recognise his contribution to the French culture.

His quest for exceptional, rare and antique jewels has not only built an equally exceptional, rare and of historical significance collection, The Faerber Collection. Mr Faerber has also added to significant public and private collections such as the heritage collections of Cartier, Chaumet, Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany, and he made loans to great museums (the Kremlin Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum).

His vision of an event as GemGenève is pretty clear, as he felt the need for a more intimate jewellery show, showcasing the top of jewellery excellence and expertise.

“I felt strongly that there was a need in Europe for a show that is not too big, but of top quality, and that represents our industry.” – Thomas Faerber

Co-founder of this that announces itself to be the new not-to-be-missed jewellery show is Ronny Totah.


Ronny Totah is the leading figure behind the jewellery company Horowitz & Totah, established together with Eric Horovitz in 1990. This association came out of years of shared work and passion for gem and jewellery.

Ronny Totah, of Egyptian origin, transferred later to Paris, with his family, in 1962, and then to Geneva, in 1968.

He was intrigued by the world of jewellery and gem dealing, built around the values of relationship, instinct and trust, and joined forces with the Horovitz family from 1980 to 1990, before forming the Horowitz & Totah company.

“I believe the combination of analytical skills, acquired during my engineering studies, and my approach to problem-solving, that I can contribute to the creation of this new event.” – Ronny Totah

Today Ronny Totah keeps working with his daughters Nadege and Sandrine, and with his nephew Stephane, to source extraordinary diamonds and coloured stones. His jewels are known for a blend of magnificence and classicism and, today, Ronny Totah’s passion for Kashmir sapphires and natural pearls is his trademark.

Thanks to its membership of various industry organizations, among which the International Colored Gemstones Association (ICA), the Swiss Gemological Laboratory (SSEF) and the Swiss Association of Precious Stone Merchants, of which he is Vice-President, Ronny Totah tirelessly works to ensure and enhance the ethics and integrity of the industry.

By organising GemGenève, the Founders and the industry experts involved genuinely do want to celebrate the intimacy and integrity of their “global” family of gem and jewellery dealers.


World-class Exhibitors


GemGenève is a specialist show, organized by industry insiders for connoisseurs at international level.


In an intimate, elegant, contemporary and user-friendly location, 100 top-level exhibitors will gather. A stellar group composed of gemstone, diamond and fine pearl merchants, antique jewellery dealers, leading contemporary jewellers, ateliers and manufacturers.

The show will also welcome a targeted audience of private buyers and collectors.


Among the Exhibitors.


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GemGenève is ready to open its doors to the hidden world of the international gem and jewellery trade, to honour long-established traditions and to welcome new talents, to invite modernity, innovation and ingenuity together with the always fruitful exchange of knowledge. CC









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