Fabio Salini Crystal Bracelet
Fabio Salini High Jewellery Masterpiece London

Fabio Salini: Tradition & Futurism

More than one-hundred jewels that reinterpret classic jewellery techniques by infusing them with contemporary art inspiration and daring associations of materials.

Debuting at Masterpiece London, Fabio Salini dazzled the most seasoned collectors by highlighting more than one-hundred of his creations. Jewels that speak of goldsmithing tradition while looking towards art avant-garde.


Fabio Salini high jewellery necklace
Fabio Salini
Necklace in gold and carbon fibre, diamonds and pearls
White gold gr 1,60 – diamonds ct 0,83 – south sea silver pearls



Striving towards new experimentation, Fabio Salini builds bridges between tradition and futurism, linking history and beauty in timeless designs that share a dialogue with contemporary art.

Every creation reflects his passion for gems and his unique way of blending them to have forms, colours, innovation, and that timeless touch in perfect balance.


Fabio Salini Rose Earrings
Fabio Salini
Earrings “Rose” in fossilized ivory, gold, silver, diamonds and pear-shaped rubies
Silver, pavé-set diamond ct 5,68 – rubies ct 1,62


The jewel as we classically know it is then transfigured thanks to Salini’s aptitude at working in contrasts and bold juxtapositions by experimenting with new materials and by matching them creating daring levels of self-expression.


Fabio Salini high jewellery necklace
Fabio Salini
Necklace in shagreen and gold, moonstones and diamonds
White gold gr 43,50 – Diamonds ct 5,35 – moonstone ct 62,78


The pieces displayed at Masterpiece perfectly prove this fine balance with signature more classic pieces shown alongside his bold new works in carbon and titanium.


Fabio Salini high jewellery earrings
Fabio Salini
Earrings in gold, titanium and carbon fibre, diamonds and sapphires Gold and titanium gr. 22,9 – diamonds ct 6,79 –
Blue sapphires ct 41,12


An increasing interest in contemporary art imbued in Fabio, new ideas for more conceptual pieces, and a desire to bring jewellery back to a level of emotional value through pieces that communicate a message linked to a somewhat rebellious force of their design and the evocative power stemming from the numerous sophisticated stylistic references that give each one a rounded cultural value.


Fabio Salini high jewellery earrings
Fabio Salini
Earrings in gold, carbon fibre and emeralds
Gold gr 13,20 – baguette-cut emeralds ct 1,83
Pear-shape emeralds ct 12,47 (Dunaigre certificates. Origin: Zambia)



Fabio Salini graduated in Geology from the University of Rome, and as he focused his thesis on emeralds, found that his passion for the earth and materials ignited within him a desire to pursue a career in jewellery.

Fabio later worked for the creative departments of Maison Cartier and Bulgari where he sharpened his skills as a jewellery designer and deepened his artistic knowledge and sensibility.

Of 1999 is his first collection, Crystal, launched at Petochi, the legendary jewellery boutique in Piazza di Spagna, Rome.

Then in 2004, in Via di Monserrato in Rome, he opened his Atelier, an elegant sales salon and the nerve centre of his business, which spread rapidly around the world with his participation in international jewellery and art events in Basel, Shanghai, New York, London, Paris, Palm Beach and Geneva. CC


Fabio Salini high jewellery earrings
Fabio Salini
Earrings in gold, titanium and carbon fibre, diamonds and tsavorites
Gold gr 24,80 – diamonds ct 1,26 – tsavorites ct 1,66



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