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Feng J for Phillips Auction

Feng J enchants with two masterpieces exclusively designed for Phillips.

Contemporary jewellery designer Feng J evokes the Parisian spring fountains in her unusual diamond ring design. As a tribute to impressionist Claude Monet, she reimagines the Jardin de Giverny.

Two masterpieces created for Phillips.

Championing the best contemporary jewellers, Phillips partners with Chinese jewellery designer Feng J to lead their upcoming Jewels and Jadeite Hong Kong Auction (28 November 2020).

‘Fountain of Diamonds’ Ring

The highly unusual ‘Fountain of Diamonds’ ring (Lot 648) evokes the concept of a spring fountain.

The inspiration dates back to Feng J’s time living in Paris when she was infatuated by the hundreds of fountains throughout the city and fascinated by the feminine Belle Époque sculptures and the history they represent.

The waving pattern of the water is shown by 95 circular bubbling diamond beads, tracing the jets of water, all set by hand and culminating at the ring’s focal point where the 22.08 carat, D colour, VS1 clarity diamond sits.

Feng J. Fountain of Diamonds ring
Feng J. Fountain of Diamonds ring.
One round brilliant-cut diamond, 22.08 carats; 95 diamond beads, 18.24 carats total; 18K white gold.
GIA Report: D colour, VS1 clarity, Excellent Cut, Polish and Symmetry.
Diamond Type Classification Report: Type IIa diamond.

The effect created is one of a paradoxically minimalist style, while giving a dazzling impact. Creating such a look presented a number of unique challenges for Feng J’s atelier team, who took hundreds of hours of precise craftsmanship to bring this jewel to life.

The sourcing process for every single bead was extensive, with each diamond having to fit a precise size, shape and clarity specification to fully replicate the lively bubbling of a Parisian fountain.

Feng J. Fountain of Diamonds ring
Feng J. Fountain of Diamonds ring.

These were for the purpose of designing a highly unusual spiral ring, wrapping around the finger, graduating from small to big, then big to small, thereby replicating the movement and form of the Parisian fountains.

The Fountain of Diamonds ring is the essence of contemporary jewellery sculpture, with thoughtful inspirations behind a wearable work of art. 

Les Jardins de Giverny

As a tribute to impressionist painter Claude Monet, Feng J reimagines the artist’s Jardin de Giverny (Lot 649) in an exquisite transformable masterpiece featuring an impressive 19-carat fancy light pink diamond.

Using a variety of gemstones like colours on a palette, high jewellery artist Feng J paints a breathtaking garden with her “floating setting” technique.

When she visited Claude Monet’s Jardins de Giverny outside Paris for the first time, the private garden deeply struck her imagination.

There, she noted the arrangement of so many different species and colours, and the scene before her appeared like a painting. This effect resonated with Feng J because it encapsulates her own distinct design philosophy, that is ‘painting with gemstones’.

Feng J. Les Jardins de Giverny Necklace
Feng J. Les Jardins de Giverny Necklace.
One cut-cornered rectangular step-cut Fancy Light Pink diamond, 19.00 carats
Vari-shaped rose-cut sapphires, white sapphires, pink spinels, tanzanites, aquamarines and tsavorites, 83.08 carats total. Diamond beads, round brilliant and rose-cut diamonds, 32.53 carats total.
A section of the necklace is detachable and can be worn as a bracelet.
Accompanied by a ring mount 18K white gold
GIA Report: Fancy Light Pink colour, VVS2 clarity. Diamond Type Classification Report: Type IIa diamond

When Feng J first encountered the exceptional 19-carat, Fancy Light Pink diamond – now the centrepiece of the necklace – the memory that the Jardins de Giverny had left years ago inspired the necklace’s initial design.

Vividly recalling the gardens’ magical hues, the soft shadows and the subtle play of light, Feng J made it her goal to create her own exquisite garden of flowers and fauna, to be worn as a one-of-a-kind jewel.

Feng J. Les Jardins de Giverny Necklace
Feng J. Les Jardins de Giverny Necklace

To create the form of a garland of blossoming flowers, Feng J has applied her signature ‘Floating Set’ technique, masterfully hiding the metal settings of numerous double rose-cut coloured sapphires, aquamarines, spinels, tanzanites and tsavorites garnets.

The effect is a dazzling and delicate display of soft blues, purples, pinks and greens that combine to give an overall visual array of brightness, with the fabulous 19-carat Fancy Light Pink diamond suspended from the very heart of the garland in bloom.

The necklace is a complex creation that has been brought to life in Feng J’s atelier, with hundreds of hours of painstaking craftsmanship, under her supervision.

Feng J. Les Jardins de Giverny Ring and Bracelet
Feng J. Les Jardins de Giverny Ring and Bracelet

The ‘Jardins de Giverny’ necklace is a multi-functional accomplishment. To allow for greater versatility, a section of the necklace can be detached to become a bracelet, while the 19-carat Fancy Light Pink diamond can be converted into an impressive ring, to be worn alone, or as a set with the bracelet.

Phillips – Jewels & Jadeite Hong Kong Auction, 28 November 2020.

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