A diamond-studded accessory… for Him

A new interpretation of wearable luxury: the bejewelled pochettes signed Eyelet Milano.

A men’s fashion classic, the pochette, becomes precious with details in diamonds and gold.


A hand-made accessory, completely Made in Italy, the Luxury Collection pochettes signed Eyelet Milano blend fresh white or nocturnal black cotton piqué with oversize buttons in yellow, white or pink 18k gold.


Eyelet Milano Luxury Collection - White
Eyelet Milano Luxury Collection – White and yellow gold button


The buttons, also entirely handmade by expert goldsmiths, stand out with their 11-mm diameter and 4-mm thickness in a buttonhole framed by a high-quality Italian coloured yarn (in contrast or ton sur ton), offering twelve different expressions of elegance.


Eyelet Milano Luxury Collection – white piqué set


To the gentleman loving that extra sparkling touch, Eyelet Milano introduces the Diamond Collection, a limited edition of pochettes characterized by the artisanal excellence of working with gold and diamonds.


Eyelet Milano Diamonds Collection
Eyelet Milano Diamonds Collection – black piqué with black diamonds button


With the Diamond Collection, in fact, the gold button, always available in three colours, are studded with white or black diamond pavé (0.350 carats for the White Diamonds Collection, and 0.415 carats for the Black Diamonds Collection).


Eyelet Milano Diamonds Collection set
Eyelet Milano Diamonds Collection set – white piqué and white diamonds


The bejewelled button, the very heart of this accessory, is once again framed by a precious Italian yarn all around its eyelet. Black yarn on white piqué, or white yarn on black piqué for a modern, yet timeless sense of elegance

Eyelet Milano introduces a new interpretation of the wearable luxury, with refined products developed by selected artisans and exclusively available online on the brand’s website:





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