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Cartier Libre – for her

When Cartier reinterprets its signature timepieces, the result goes beyond being an icon.

Can iconic watches become even more iconic? For Cartier, the answer is ‘yes’, with the Cartier Libre jewellery watch collection – a SIHH 2018 preview.


Two signature timepieces, Bagnoire and Crash, become the main protagonists, the starting point of a journey that takes design to the next level.


Cartier Libre Collection
Cartier Libre Collection – SIHH 2018


In the Cartier Libre collection, the cases’ shapes become an element to play with, where the imagination goes wild and disrupts proportions, distorts lines and accentuates volumes.

Icons among the Maison’s portfolio, the Bagnoire and the Crash watches take us to a sort of intellectual and emotional adventure that reinterprets the stylist codes while retaining them at the same time.

Feminine and beyond omologation, the Crash watch appears in an even more extreme version, Crash Radieuse. The original model is characterised by artistic value, elegance and affirmation.


Cartier Libre - Crash Radieuse SIHH 2018
Cartier Libre – Crash Radieuse Watch.
Yellow gold
Manual movement 8970 MC
Numbered limited edition of 50 pieces


The Bagnoire Débordante watch appears as an artful archtectural timepiece. The dial is surrounded by a sparkling sprinkle of white diamonds and black spinels. A bold and festive way to read the time.


Cartier Libre - Bagnoire Débordante
Cartier Libre – Bagnoire Débordante Watch
White gold, case set with diamonds & black spinels
Quartz movement Numbered limited edition of 50 pieces


The Cartier Libre collection brings then to life a unique aesthetic, an authentic vision that imbues feminine lines.


The Cartier signature becomes immediately recognizable to the connoisseur.

The Baignoire Allongée watch forgets everything but but the curves. The case is stretched out, and the zoom goes in to the dizzying, shimmering sight of a dial paved with baguette-cut diamonds, white mother-of-pearl, Tahitian mother-of-pearl, and black spinels.  The tiny black dial is embraced by a ring of diamonds. The black and white adds to the hypnotic effect of this jewel.


Cartier Libre Bagnoire Infinie
Cartier Libre Bagnoire Infinie
White gold, case set with diamonds & black spinels, mother-of-pearl
Quartz movement
Numbered limited edition of 20 pieces
Cartier libre_Baignoire etoilee
Cartier Libre – Bagnoire Étoilée
White gold, case and bracelet set with diamonds & black spinels
Quartz movement
Numbered limited edition of 15 pieces


The result is five limited edition, individually numbered jewellery timepieces that are all, unmistakably, Cartier.


Cartier Libre Bagnoire Interdite
Cartier Libre Bagnoire Interdite White gold, paved bezel, ADLC
Quartz movement
Numbered limited edition of 50 pieces





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