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Bvlgari Bvlgari Piccola Catene: essential avantgarde

Bulgari Bulgari Piccola Catene: a name that immediately brings to mind its chain bracelet that sensually embraces the wrist, like a second skin, testifying of a connection deeply rooted to the jewellery world. A precious timepiece which personality is endowed with a contemporary and unconventional character, an opulet yet fresh appeal, with a neo-retro aura.

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Bulgari Bulgari Piccola Catene


Piccola Catene is everything but conventional.

This bejewelled timepiece brings to life those aesthetic values and that originality that characterize all of Bulgari’s creations. An approach that aims at revisiting ordinary forms and objects by infusing them with a new innovative impetus.

In Piccola Catene, the chain motif becomes its distinctive trait, by delicately circling the watch’s case, only 22 mm wide and bearing the precious double signature on the bezel. A design that mirrors the latest in watchmaking trends, gently embracing the wrists of elegant and refined women who are always at ease in every circumstance: during the day or at night, at home or at a cocktail with friends.

Piccola Catene_Sketch
Bulgari Bulgari Piccola Catene Sketch


Piccola Catene is a new timepiece that finds its place in the Bulgari Bulgari collection, both as a jewel and as a watch, irradiating splendor both during the day and at night. A seductive alternative out of conventions, yet expressing symbolic and essential values: the chain, combined with the Maison’s double signature engraved on the bezel, represents a clear reference to Roman jewellery’s roots, to its history of creative excellence.

Bulgari Bulgari Piccola Catene: pink gold and diamonds.

Piccola Catene is then a perfect example of a creative journey, able to draw on the Maison’s tradition and to contextualize it according to contemporary dynamics. 

Available in four different versions, in pink and white gold, each creation wraps the wrist in an elegant golden circle, made even more precious by diamonds in accordance with the chosen model. New horizons in the female watchmaking creativity open up, thanks to playful, refined and original designs.

Bulgari Bulgari Piccola Catene – white gold and diamonds.

Piccola Catene is a timepiece designed and fashioned to “chain” its wearer with exquisite refinement and total aesthetic freedom. CC

Material courtesy of Bulgari.

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