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Buccellati’s “share your memory” project

An invitation to all Buccellati connoisseurs and lifetime clients worldwide to share their jewels and precious memories with the Maison.

Buccellati has always been keen on preserving culture and tradition since its foundation in 1919. 

From Mario Buccellati, who noticed the importance of reviving ancient craftsmanship techniques and handing them down, to his sons Lorenzo and Gianmaria, who first sensed the strategic necessity to constitute an archive for the company, heritage has always been considered an integral part of the business.

Cocktail ring in yellow and pink gold set with opal and peridots. Designed by Mario Buccellati in 1962 [Buccellati Historic collection]

Today, the Maison continues to preserve and enhance its heritage. A new initiative will join the vintage and historic collection projects.

The Project

“Share your Memories and Be Part of Our History” is an invitation to all Buccellati connoisseurs and lifetime clients worldwide. It is a chance for them to share their jewels and precious memories with the Maison.

Brooch in platinum set with diamonds, designed by Gianmaria Buccellati in the 1970s [Buccellati Vintage collection]

This unique opportunity to be part of the history of Buccellati will contribute to actualising years of studies, digitisation and filing of historic documents retraced in the Maison’s Archive.

The prestigious addition of these jewels to the historical collection of Buccellati will build on the meticulous selection of one-of-a-kind pieces that a major exhibition will showcase soon. 

Cuff bracelet in yellow gold and silver set with emeralds and sapphires. Designed by Mario Buccellati in 1955 [Buccellati Historic collection]

This lovingly curated selection comprises objects personally owned by the Buccellati family. It also includes unique pieces belonging to royal families, actors and influential personalities. These are testimonies of Buccellati’s style evolution, craftsmanship and heritage. 

Here is an exquisite example. An extraordinary evening case dating from 1964. It was recently acquired and restored to its antique splendour in the Buccellati Atelier in Milan.

Evening case in silver and yellow gold set with sapphires, designed by Mario Buccellati in 1964 [Buccellati Historic collection]

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