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A new service for you: Shopping on Demand

Shopping on Demand Service

Gentlemen looking for that original gift to surprise their loved one, ladies looking for a one-of-a-kind creation and not being able to find it. Sometimes it is just the lack of time, of will or simply the need for advice: in all these cases they come and ask Claudia for her guidance and help.

By using the shopping on demand service, the client relies on the personal shopper to find a specific item, a special gift, or simply to commission a purchase.

The shopping on demand service can vary, as it depends on the type of request received and on the difficulty of the search.

Service characteristics

Claudia will try and fulfil your requests in the shortest time possible, by optimising web search, and by relying on the support of professionals who are experts in their areas of expertise.

Once the item found, it will be possible to proceed with a quantification of its cost (unless the client is already aware of it). The item cost will be summed up to the shopper fee (varying depending on the time length of the assignment) and to the expedition costs (in some cases the item can be delivered personally, depending on locations).

Once the client’s approval received and after reception of the total amount (including what mentioned above), Claudia will proceed with the item purchase and will personally take care of its delivery wherever you are in the world.

For a free enquiry please email Claudia:

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