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“Tweed Couture” Necklace – Chanel

The "Tweed Couture" Necklace enters the Jewellery Patrimoine of Chanel.

The “Tweed Couture” Necklace enters the High Jewellery Patrimoine of Chanel.

Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, took inspiration from the iconic tweed in 2020. He then created the first High Jewelry collection dedicated to tweed, with as its central masterpiece the “Tweed Couture” necklace.

Re-created today, this technical and aesthetic tour de force now forms part of the CHANEL High Jewelry Patrimoine. And it assures tweed a primary place among the inspirations of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio.

Chanel Tweed Couture Necklace
Chanel “TWEED COUTURE” Patrimony necklace in platinum and pink gold, set with pink sapphires, spinels, diamonds and one 10,20-carat cushioncut diamond.

Transforming the softness of tweed, reinterpreting its weave and the irregularities that deepen its fleecy qualities. Mastering its suppleness in gold, pearls and gemstones. This dream is realized in the “Tweed Couture” necklace. Unfolding in a host of radiating lines of varying lengths, it evokes a dense yet astonishingly light weave created through many innovative processes.

The first of these is the articulation of rose gold and platinum threads to create minuscule hinges, rings and joints that infuse the whole structure of the necklace with suppleness. They are complemented by settings of equal lightness. In these settings, each stone appears freed from claws or beads to be fully revealed in the light.

Chanel Tweed Couture Necklace - making of
Work on “TWEED COUTURE” Patrimony necklace.

Rows of delicate pink sapphires, intense and red spinels, velvet-smooth pearls and diamonds of dazzling clarity weave the warp and weft of the tweed to re-create its downy thickness.

A row of pearls, meanwhile, punctuated in the centre by a 10.20 carat DIF type IIa cushion-cut diamond, delicately accentuates the base of the neck. Finally, the back of every element has been polished to ensure the necklace is as light and comfortable as tweed.

Chanel Tweed Couture Necklace. Making of.
Adjustments of the center stone, a cushion-cut diamond of 10,20 carats of the “TWEED COUTURE” Patrimony necklace.

In its embrace of the curve of the neck and its re-creation of the tweed weave, the “Tweed Couture” necklace takes suppleness to the level of a creative principle, as elevated by the mastery and savoir-faire of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Atelier. In its freedom and inventiveness, it celebrates the uncompromising boldness of Mademoiselle and takes its place in the CHANEL High Jewelry Patrimoine.

The Tweed Couture” necklace, which combines most of the technical challenges we had to face in 2020, was the most ambitious piece in this High Jewelry collection. For example, more than 980 articulations were assembled to create the exceptional suppleness of the necklace. That’s why today, CHANEL is proud to donate this exceptional piece to the Patrimoine department as a precious testimony of our creativity and savoir-faire.

Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Chanel Jewelry Creation Studio

« Tweed Couture » necklace

Created in platinum, rose gold, pink sapphires, cultured pearls and diamonds, including a 10.20-carat cushion-cut diamond, the “Tweed Couture” necklace is emblematic of the “TWEED DE CHANEL” theme.

Chanel Tweed Couture Necklace
“TWEED COUTURE” Patrimony necklace in platinum and pink gold, set with pink sapphires, spinels, diamonds and one 10,20-carat cushion-cut diamond.

Different cuts of stones are arranged to create a precious tweed weave, and the gold structure is fully articulated to give each piece the fabric’s suppleness.

The masterpiece in the 2020 collection, the “Tweed Couture” necklace, has been reproduced for the occasion to join the pieces in the CHANEL High Jewelry Patrimoine department, such as the “55.55” necklace from the “N°5” High Jewelry Collection.

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