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Roberto Callegari – Octagon Ring

A ring that testifies of family heritage, passion and jewellery innovation.

In 1989 Roberto Callegari created a hand-made ring in pink gold featuring a stunning 8-carat old cut diamond.

This ring was a unique creation that brought together tradition and innovation, while referring to the geometry of the octagon.

In Orient, more precisely in China, the octagon represents one of the most important symbols recognised by the Taoist philosophy. This symbol is called “Bagua” or “Pakua”. The meaning of bagua (ba gua) is “eight numbers”. These can be considered symbolic representations of the family unit. They can represent the father, the mother and the sons and daughters.

The Octagon Ring was born out of this meaning: a creation that refers to the family and to the importance of the relationships binding us to those we love.

This elegance is also behind the new jewellery collection celebrating Roberto Callegari’s 110th anniversary.

Elisabetta, Andrea and Beppe, the third generation at the guide of the House, reinterpreted the Octagon Ring by using innovative metals such as titanium and carbon.

The juxtaposition of the use of these materials and the uniqueness of the gems make the Octagon Ring a symbol of history and heritage, passion and craftsmanship.

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