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Pomellato’s ‘Ode to Milan’ High Jewellery Collection

Pomellato celebrates Milan, at the heart of its creativity since 1967, with 33 new high jewellery pieces.

This high jewellery collection marks the 20th year of Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo’s tenure with the company.

The ‘Ode to Milan’ high jewellery collection pays tribute to Milan as the city that has inspired Pomellato since its founding in 1967. Comprising 33 modern yet classic designs, the collection celebrates Milan’s rich history and hidden treasures.

Pomellato – ‘Ode to Milan’ High Jewellery Collection

Unusually, Pomellato presented the collection in Paris, a city celebrated for haute joaillerie. This presentation focused on the importance of Milanese design in the high jewellery world.

Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato, underlined the brand’s commitment to creating jewellery meant to be worn daily. Pomellato’s jewels cater to modern women who desire impeccable quality and beauty that are easy to include in their daily lives. Even the most precious pieces in the high jewellery collection are designed for practical wear.

The collection symbolises a conversation with Milan, a city known for its unique blend of craftsmanship, excellence and design innovation. Milan’s modernist elegance has deeply influenced Pomellato. Iconic figures like Gio Ponti and Piero Fornasetti and the glory of historical landmarks have left their mark.

This conversation mirrors Pomellato’s roots in Milan, where they create and produce jewellery, highlighting design, ergonomics, and technical perfection. The collection stands for the deep connection between Pomellato and the city.

The “Ode to Milan” collection is more than a mere interpretation of Milan’s classic symbols. It captures the city’s essence and secrets, reflecting its vibrant spirit and creativity. The collection is divided into several chapters, each focusing on the various aspects of Milan:

Milan & Vertical Landscapes:

In this chapter, Pomellato celebrates the modern skyline of Milan. It draws inspiration from its rationalist skyscrapers and contemporary architecture, including the iconic Torre Velasca. The collection captures the vibrant hues of a Milanese sunset framed by the city’s vertical architecture.

The “Skyline” necklace is a centrepiece. It features a linear frame adorned with a stunning selection of 128 exquisite and rare gems, most of all spinels.

Pomellato – ‘Ode to Milan’ high jewellery collection – Skyline Necklace

These spinels exhibit various colours, from classic red to the rarest shades of scarlet, dark pink, light mauve, sky blue, and smoke grey. The necklace’s structure is articulated and sensual, and it includes movable mesh chains, leading to two rectangular elements in rose gold adorned with a pavé of diamonds.

Pomellato ‘Ode to Milan’ high jewellery collection – Skyline Necklace

Complementing the necklace are matching earrings, each featuring 12 gemstone joints with delicate colour gradients.

Milan & Contemporary Heritage:

This part of the collection pays tribute to Milan’s rich historical legacy, particularly the Castello Sforzesco. Pomellato reinterprets the design of a choker from 1972 to create the “Castello” necklace, which reflects a neo-medieval aesthetic.

The necklace incorporates rose gold plates and gourmette chains adorned with pavé diamonds, baguette, princess, brilliant diamonds, and rubellites. The unconventional setting of the gems recalls the ashlar work of the Castle’s façade and is called “bossage.”

Pomellato ‘Ode to Milan’ high jewellery collection – Castello Necklace and Ring.

The collection includes matching earrings with tanzanites or rubellites and two rings, one featuring a faceted oval rhodolite garnet and the other a tanzanite cut into a “diamond sugar loaf.”

Creativity on Stage:

Pomellato’s tradition of creating precious chains takes centre stage in this chapter, focusing on the creativity that thrives at the Teatro alla Scala. The “Lirica” necklace is a prime example, with various-sized diamond-studded links that drape gracefully on the décolleté, echoing the Teatro alla Scala’s curtain volutes.

Pomellato – Lirica Necklace

The chains in this collection feature innovative techniques and are adorned with diamonds of assorted sizes arranged irregularly. There is also a body chain series, “Sipario,” which exudes the magic and wonder of the theatre through diverse chain styles and diamond-studded sweaters.

In contrast, the “Catena Milano” necklace embodies minimalism with a rose gold string chain and circular elements adorned with diamonds distributed along the lariat-style chain, allowing for multiple wearing options. 

Pomellato – Catena Necklace

Terrazza Duomo:

This chapter is a tribute to Milan’s design mastery, deconstructing the façade of the Duomo into its most significant geometric details. The collection offers earrings and bracelets that represent essential forms of the Gothic architecture of the Duomo.

The “Lozenge,” “Marquise,” “Drop,” and “Trilliant” earrings, suspended sculptures in white or pink gold with white diamonds, sway with movement and can be worn singly or in pairs. The geometric composition contrasts with the asymmetry of diamonds set at the lobe.

Pomellato – Terrazza Duomo Earrings

The “Terrazza Duomo” bracelets continue the theme, overlapping similar geometric shapes in gold with pavé diamonds.

Pomellato – Terrazza Duomo Bracelets

The rose gold choker in this collection rests lightly on the skin and is characterised by a “charivari” pavé composed of fancy-cut diamonds arranged irregularly.

Pomellato – Terrazza Duomo Choker.

“Ode a Milano” is a collection that exemplifies Pomellato’s unique approach to fine jewellery and craftsmanship. It pays homage to Milan’s heritage, creativity, and architecture while preserving the brand’s commitment to creating practical jewellery for everyday wear. This collection marries Milan’s essence with modern, elegant design, demonstrating Pomellato’s deep connection to the city and its unwavering pursuit of excellence in the high jewellery world.

Overall, the “Ode to Milan” collection represents a fusion of Pomellato’s unique approach to fine jewellery and Milan’s rich history. It captures the city’s spirit, celebrating its architecture, creativity, and heritage in a modern and elegant way, symbolising the brand’s deep connection with Milan and its continuous pursuit of excellence in jewellery design.

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