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Piaget’s Sunlight Radiant Infinity

Piaget presents Sunlight Radiant Infinity - an intriguing capsule collection radiating brilliance and light.

Light means audacity, joy, and a magnet for surprise. An almost alchemical reaction gives the capsule collection Sunlight Radiant Infinity and the watch Limelight Gala an incredible power of attraction. The radiant design evokes the sun’s energy, thanks to the asymmetrical lines that highlight their exclusivity and shimmering.

Piaget’s Sunlight Radiant Infinity

Endless radiance and unique savoir-faire have been at the heart of Piaget‘s DNA since the very beginning.

Piaget Sunlight Radiant Infinity Capsule Collection

The Maison’s ateliers are where light is studied, captured, enhanced, and shaped to perfection. This vibrant energy glows from the inside out, radiates desirability, charm and pure shining beauty – qualities shared by our bold and joyful Piaget Society.

Today, a set of new creations showcases Piaget’s light mastery as a jeweller and a watchmaker.

Piaget Sunlight Radiant Infinity Capsule Collection

Light is bold and festive. It draws attention and awe to its source. This almost alchemic reaction is what gives Piaget’s Sunlight Radiant Infinity capsule collection and Limelight Gala watch their remarkable power of attraction. At the centre of these earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets, the motive extends its rays to express the solar warmth in a spectacular play of lights.

Piaget’s Limelight Gala

With its natural, subtle glow, Palace Décor epitomizes seductive appeal. However, its great strength lies in its ability to envelop the skin in sensual elegance.

On the Limelight Gala watch, the pure, mother-of-pearl dial with alternating diamonds-set indexes and pink gold Roman numerals radiates a contemporary aura of femininity. Forty-two brilliant-cut diamonds are set on the rose gold case, using the intricate technique of “serti descendu” that magnifies the brilliance of each stone.

Piaget Limelight Gala Watch

Deeply modern, these creations radiate with the energy of the light, the power of the bolds, and the free-spirited confidence.

The Piaget Society’s unique qualities shine through each of them, like an invitation to experience infinite radiance.

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