The collection L’Artisan du Rêve: unveiled at La Biennale des Antiquaires, this collection represents a journey through the heart of the Maison’s archives; a path of discovery through the extraordinarily vibrant history and legacy of the Maison Boucheron.

Each major following piece echoes then, in the most enchanting and capturing way, an inspiration, a recurrent theme or a particular technique that is emblematic of the Maison’s expertise, savoir-faire and creative energy.



Inspired by the naturalist period of the 1900s, the Bouquet d’Ailes jewelry set reinvents the Point d’Interrogation necklace, a signature piece of the Maison Boucheron: a masterful assembly of butterfly and dragonfly wings and of peacock feathers which, like a bouquet, come together to form a harmony of shapes, of colors and of volume which is graceful and light.

Boucheron artisan du reve piece_bouquet-ailes_2
Emerald, colored sapphire, fine stone and diamond necklace.



The first jeweler to work on crystal, the Maison Boucheron has created a breath-taking Garden of Eden. The Jardin de Cristal jewelry set is the allegory of a wonderful life, sheltered by love’s dome, offering a woman the promise of a life to be lived with more strength and intensity than any other.

Diamond and rock crystal bracelet.



Inspired by the Ville Lumière, this piece is a tribute to the Maison’s beginning at the Palais Royal and the fascination for nature in the city. At the time when the fashion for jardins à la française was at its highest, Frédéric Boucheron admired the wild ivy that grew spontaneously under the arches of the Palais Royal. With the Lierre de Paris jewelry set, Boucheron celebrates nature and its triumph in the city. Always seeking modernity and innovation, the Maison makes ivy spring up from under Parisian cobblestones, recreated in this necklace by faceted and rough diamonds.

Faceted and rough diamond necklace.



Fabrics, cloths and pleats, the Maison Boucheron has regularly taken inspiration from Haute Couture for its collections. By using technique to serve creation, the Maison pushes the boundaries of its craft to work on gold as one would do on a fabric, weaving it to have it becoming as supple and light as a drapé material. Like a cloth, the Mosaïque Delilah jewelry set unveils an array of stones delicately set onto a gold mesh that is as soft and fine as a scarf. This extraordinary new technique that gives life and suppleness to metal is called “mosaic setting”.

Morganite, diamond and colored sapphire necklace



Frédéric Boucheron one day gave his wife a present: a necklace in the shape of a serpent, which promised her a happy life. Since that day, it has become a symbol of love and protection, a pledge of enduring happiness. This year, the serpent is re-invented, shedding its skin for a new life. The icon of the past is reborn for the Serpent Opalescent set in a modern and striking light. The reinterpretation of a great classic of the Maison, combined with the use of new materials, colors and technical expertise make this multiple-wear piece an authentic signature creation.

Diamond, opal and rock crystal necklace.

Opalescent serpent necklace close up:




It was a peacock feather that inspired Frédéric Boucheron, in collaboration with the head of his atelier Paul Legrand, to imagine, draw and create the point d’interrogation necklace. The year was 1883 and this major innovation soon became an icon of the Maison, with its fresh new approach to femininity. Indeed, far from sitting tightly around a woman’s neck, this necklace gives her freedom while sumptuously adorning her. The Plume de Paon jewelry set is its re-incarnation.

Emerald and diamond necklace.



A legacy of the Maison Boucheron’s great tradition of multi-wear jewelry, the Perle au Trésor creation is so much more than a jewel. It is the object of a thousand and one mysteries. Indeed, the pearl transforms into an inlaid jewel-case that opens and unveils all of the wonders it contains: a necklace, brooches and a bracelet. A precious treasure chest, it offers a cornucopia of jewels, bringing to mind the fabulous jewel boxes of fairy-tale dreams.

Diamond, pearl, opal and mother-of-pearl Perle au Trésor object. The object opens and unveils a necklace, two brooches and a bracelet. The pedestal is in rock crystal.

Boucheron Perle au Tresor 'object' design with all pieces together.

Boucheron Perle au Tresor 'object' design as it unfurls the pieces contained within.

Perle au Trésor video.

Whether the dream of the artisan or the dream of those who admire his work, there is always a dream behind a Boucheron creation.


Material courtesy of Boucheron.


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