Gübelin Wings of a Dragonfly necklace.
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Gübelin glows with Fire, Passion & Love

The spectacular inner world of rubies inspires the Maison's latest fine jewellery collection.

A jewellery collection inspired by rubies’ fascinating inner beauty which translates the depth of feeling and the passion of love.



Rubies offered Gübelin’s designers a rich and enticing inner world, inspiring the Glowing Fire collection.

The king of precious stones, ruby has been associated with love, passion, and fire for centuries.

Under the microscope, a ruby can reveal some inclusions, which are structures and signs which formed during the gem’s crystallization process, deep into the Earth.

These inclusions confer the ruby its individuality and explain its history and character. At the same time, these inspired Gübelin designers to create exceptional jewels, reflecting the multiple and corresponding facets of fire, romanticism, and love.



The masterpiece of the collection is the spectacular Wings of a Dragonfly high jewellery necklace.


Gübelin Wings-of-a-Dragonfly necklace
Gübelin Wings of a Dragonfly necklace.
Cushion-cut Burmese ruby (more than 10 carats), 13 cushion-shaped diamonds, 43 fancy-shaped diamonds, 1788 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total of 19.49 carats.


Other inclusions are ‘feathers’ of liquid drops, which are reminiscent of dragonfly wings in their delicate netlike arrangement. Eduard Josef Gübelin




Inspired by the mesmerizing inclusion of the Burmese ruby, Gübelin’s designers have outlined two magnificent wings. Arranged in an elegant arch, these patterns recall the fine structure of a dragonfly’s wing. Inspired by the inclusion, Gübelin’s designers have derived a necklace featuring two magnificent wings.

As an intricate example of the House of Gübelin’s design aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship (it took the master craftsman more than 900 hours to create the necklace), this piece of jewellery can be worn in different ways: as a ruby necklace, diamond necklace, ruby pendant, or ruby brooch.




To the Glowing Fire collection, Gübelin adds the Glowing Ember line.


Gubelin_Jewellery_Glowing Ember_Ruby Photomicrograph_Ruby Necklace
Gübelin Jewellery – Glowing Ember Collection.
Ruby Photomicrograph & Ruby Necklace


The jewels of the Glowing Ember line are defined by rounded shapes which derive from the observation of a ruby through the photomicrography.

The inspiration for the design of these jewels was a drop of basaltic magma captured by a ruby crystal. These two interlinked oval shapes overlap the molten ruby behind them, in the background (see image above). This specific inclusion was published in the famous “Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones”.

Eduard Josef Gübelin is Gübelin’s guiding spirit and his unique heritage of inclusion photographs and descriptions are the inspiration for their designers.

Gübelin Jewellery Glowing Ember
Gübelin Jewellery Glowing Ember.
Design of the Ruby Necklace and the observed ruby inclusion which inspired the design.


Gübelin Jewellery – Glowing Ember Ruby Necklace.
White gold, pear-shaped Burmese ruby from Myanmar (2.58 carats), 9 pear-shaped rubies (1.62 carats), 383 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.13 carats)


To highlight the elegance and perfect beauty of these ovals, sparkling brilliants surround the red gems.

The jewels of the Glowing Ember line pay tribute to a woman’s femininity, with their gemstones, dressed up in diamonds, their refined details, and their gems, all selected according to Gübelin’s most strict requirements, and meticulously set by hand.




A small ruby, placed on every jewel, is the ultimate precious signature symbolizing the depth and warmth of passion and love.


Rubies’ intense hue and spectacular brightness have inspired another jewellery line, the Sparks of Fire.


Gübelin Jewellery - Sparks of Fire Collection
Gübelin Jewellery – Sparks of Fire Collection.


Like colourful fireworks, the inclusions produce a sophisticated play of light, which sparkles into a subtle composition close to a delicate rainbow.

Eight coloured gems are therefore the protagonists on the Sparks of Fire rings: fire opal, yellow beryl, morganite, amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine and green or pink tourmaline.

The pink gold rings exalt the gems’ facets, and they can be worn together or mixed and matched to create a unique, personal and fashionable look.



An additional line of diamonds, added to the ring’s band, adds to the preciousness.


The jewels of the Glowing Fire Collection are unique, following that “Deeply Inspired” philosophy which is at the heart of Gübelin, and which signs the alliance between beauty and savoir-faire.


As the sixth-generation member of our family-run company, I am very proud of how we succeed in merging beauty, savoir-faire and artisanal craftsmanship” – Raphael Gübelin, President of the Maison.




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