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For a transparent gemstone industry: Gübelin Gem Lab presents the “Emerald Paternity Test”

Gübelin Gem Lab, one of the leaders in gemstones certification, has developed the "Emerald Paternity Test", a breakthrough technology that utilises special nanoparticles based on DNA, allowing emeralds traceability all along the supply chain and back to their exact place of origin.

Sustainability and traceability are keywords that are gaining more and more weight, in the jewellery industry. Consistent with this approach, Gübelin Gem Lab presents the “Emerald Paternity Test”.



The “Emerald Paternity Test” represents today a real revolution for the coloured gemstones industry. This is the first of a series of technologies and services that Gübeling Gem Lab developed to make the gemstones industry more transparent, thanks to the “Provenance Proof” trademark.

The Emerald Paternity Test utilises specific nanoparticles based on DNA that are directly applied to the emerald rough crystal when this is still at the mine.

Emeralds in host rock

These nanoparticles resist through all the stages a rough crystal goes through – such as extraction, cleaning, cutting, polishing, transportation, setting – so that they can be retrieved, analysed and decoded at any stage along the supply chain.

Ancient Path Smaragd ring
Smaragd Octagonal 6.44 ct. Emerald
Brasilian GGL Provenance Proof
Set in platinum 950

This technology is of the utmost importance, as it offers miners, governments, commercial organisations, audit organisations, brands and final consumers an entirely new level of transparency, thus generating trust and confidence.


It is indeed the first time that nanotechnology is being used in such a context – as nanotechnology usually investigates materials with dimensions smaller than 100 nanometers – and the particles in use are in fact so tiny as not to influence the stone’s aspect, nor its quality and characteristics in any way.

Daniel Nyfeler, Gübelin Gem Lab Director, confirms:

“This technology offers the possibility of proving the exact geographical provenance of the emeralds to all parties concerned in the supply chain – from miners to end consumers – instilling trust and confidence. This allows reaching a new level of transparency in the gemstones trade.”

And Raphael Gübelin, President of the Swiss company the Gem Lab is part of as an independent and affiliate entity, explains:

“In 160 years of history, our main objective is to provide our clients with the most precise and accurate explanations possible. This new technology will bring transparency to the gemstones industry in a completely innovative way.” CC




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