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EXCEPTIONAL: Graff Diamonds unveils the Graff Venus

Exceptional as this can ever be: Graff Diamonds unveiled the Graff Venus, the biggest D Flawless heart-shaped diamond in the world.


The Graff Venus
The Graff Venus


The Graff Venus is the largest heart-shaped diamond, with its 118.78 carats.

It has been graded by GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, as D colour, Flawless and Type IIa with excellent cut, excellent symmetry and no fluorescence – the highest level of perfection a diamond could possibly obtain.

The Graff Venus is the result of 18 months of hard work on a rough of 357 carats discovered in 2015 at the Letseng mine, in Lesotho.

Considering the difficult task of cutting such a rough, specific tools were developed to cut the diamond, calling to action the most expert diamond cutters in the world.


The Graff Venus
The Graff Venus


As Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds, commented:

The Graff Venus gave us a unique opportunity and I am proud of saying that we created absolute perfection.


Since the first analysis of the 357 carat rough, Laurence Graff instinctively knew that, hidden in the deep, the potential to write another chapter in the History of Diamonds was to be found – the rough having out-of-the-ordinary colour, clarity and quality .


By utilising the latest in technology, the team managed the complex structures of the rough, producing a cartography to create a more precise digital version of it. After this, after several months of planning, the rough was ready to be cut and polished.


A heart-shaped diamond must be perfectly faceted and with perfect symmetry in order to render its exquisite shape and fire. For sure a masterpiece in the hands of the master cutter.


The exceptional volume of this heart demanded the development of special tools and of new technologies. An incredibly risky process.


This unveiling speaks for Graff Diamond’s expertise, as more than 20 of the most important diamonds in the world unearthed in this century have been cut and polished by Graff. CC




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