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Chantecler High Jewellery’s love affair with Capri’s enchanting Nature and vivid colors

A high jewellery signed Chantecler is the natural reproduction and the extraordinary expression of the culture and beauty that only Capri Island, Chantecler’s cradle, can vaunt. Capri is where Chantecler’s artistic reseach starts, a search that always leads to a unique and original creation.

A breathtaking view of Capri Island.
A breath taking view of Capri Island.

The enchanting Nature in Capri is the raw material ready to be modelled by Chantecler creative genious. This is how jewels come to be vivid representations of the Island’s vibrant hues, of its transparent sea, of its famous marine caves of its romantic Faraglioni.

Sautoir Cherie, in red coral, and Capri's Faraglioni in the background.
Sautoir Cherie, in red coral, and Capri’s Faraglioni in the background.

Also, Capri’s legendary “Piazzetta” is the social centre of the Island, to such a point as to gain the nickname of “The World’s Living Room”. This special location has allowed Chantecler’s philosophy to burst in all its cheerfulness and desire of enjoy life to the fullest.

Just like the discovery of Capri, the secret of a Chantecler’s high jewellery creation is to be discovered in its reverse side, in the hidden interstices that reveal the quality of its manufacturing process. A jewel signed Chantecler is a masterpiece in its own right, because it is the product of the wise hands of craftsmen who still hold the ancient goldsmith techniques, while renovating them through their creativity.

Craftsmanship at Chantecler's workshop.
Craftsmanship at Chantecler’s workshop.

The starting point of every Chantecler collection is the ring, a woman’s most personal jewel, then come the pendants, the earrings and eventually the bracelets and the necklaces – one beautiful example being the Maiolica Collection, recently unveiled at Baselworld 2015: a collection recalling the core elements of Chantecler inspiration in an extremely modern and innovative materials: pure white kogolong, blue sapphires, precious diamonds and glowing turquoises, as well as gold and titanium:

Particularly exquisite are the different mounting techniques that are showcased in high jewelry, from claws to pavé to wrought, interchanged to give the jewel volume and a sense of movement. In addition to this manufacturing complexity, there is a surprising variety of colours and gem cuts.

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Round diamonds alternate with marquise sapphires, pear rubies with baguette emeralds or with coral cabochons, for a visual effect both in terms of dimensions and surfaces. The different sizes and different shapes of the gems bond with a degrade effect that, from different levels, makes them emerge from their mountings, allowing them to shine in all their brightness.

Nonetheless, Chantecler knows women and their passion for fashion, so all of its jewels have modern shapes and colours and embody a woman’s beauty and elegance.

We strive for our jewels to reflect timeless, yet modern beauty.
We are children of Capri and have been lucky enough to grow up within a family that has made aesthetic sense a value, allowing us to succeed in fulfilling this very objective. Thanks to the craftsmanship secrets handed down from our father and safeguarded with pride, our values are mirrored in each Chantecler creation: jewels designed to evoke passion, joyfulness and infinite joie de vivre from the first time they are worn and all the times to follow.  – Gabriele, Maria Elena, Costanza Aprea.

Post edited by Claudia Carletti, Jewellery Through Time. Material courtesy of Chantecler Capri Press Office.

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