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Unveiling: The Graff Vendôme

On the occasion of the brand new boutique opening in Paris, at Place Vendôme, Graff unveils a superb pear-cut diamond, the “Graff Vendôme”.

To celebrate the recent opening of its exclusive boutique in Place Vendôme, just next door to Ritz Paris, Graff Diamonds proudly unveils the Graff Vendôme: a magnificent pear-cut, 105.07 carat D Flawless diamond, obtained from a rough stone of 314 carats, The Destiny, unearthed in Lesotho.

The Graff Vendome_314 carat rough
The Destiny, the rough of 314 carats unearthed in Lesotho and home to the Graff Vendôme.

Graff’s mission is always to acquire the biggest rough diamonds in the world, this leading, through their cumulated expertise and competencies, to be able to go through the risky and intriguing process of liberating the real inner soul of each diamond – just like Michelangelo with his gigantic marble blocks liberating unsurpassed masterpieces.

In a constant quest for perfection, the gemmologists at Graff analysed the best possible cuts for this rough, and at that precise moment, while studying and designing the gem’s possible architecture, the presence of an exceptional stone, hidden down into the rough, began to appear.

The Graff Vendome_worshop_cut_and_polish_01
The Graff Vendôme at the workshop – cutting and polishing.

Encircled by twelve additional satellite gems – the most important weighing 17.10 carats with nine others being D Flawless – the Graff Vendôme’s natural fire, brilliance and energy are simply incomparable.

The Graff Vendome_03
The Graff Vendôme.

Nature presented humankind with another astonishing and invaluable treasure. CC

By Claudia Carletti, Jewellery Through Time. Material courtesy of Graff Diamonds.

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