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High-tech & Ethical Responsibility: The “New Luxury” of Roberto Demeglio

Roberto Demeglio Jewels


Roberto Demeglio Jewels


An Italian fine jewellery brand. Emotions with a high-tech heart. The celebration of the excellence of the Made in Italy. This is the “New Luxury” of Roberto Demeglio.


A family story that dates back to 1922, when Roberto Demeglio‘s grandfather, Giuseppe, opened his first jeweller’s store/workshop in Turin. Giuseppe notably served as official supplier and jeweller for the Italian Royal Family.

In this video you will discover what lies at the heart of Roberto Demeglio’s jewels: the designer’s philosophy and some of his stunning creations:



Roberto Demeglio focuses on both design and technology, and this allows him to explore new frontiers in jewellery design, thus satisfying the most demanding clientele.

This is made possible also thanks to the three patents the brand registered – the spring, the multi-measurement system and the ball bearinga high-tech beating heart at the core of the emotions that sparkle out of Roberto Demeglio’s creations:

  • the spring makes a jewel soft and flexible. A bracelet and even a precious diamond layer totally adaptable to a wrist;
  • the multi-measurement system is an invisible device that enables the same ring to adapt to  various fingers and the changes based on external temperatures,  the time of day or other.  An advantage for the jeweller at the same time, who can cover various sizes and favours the selection of different pieces;
  • The ball bearing can be seen in the Margherita ring, where the corolla rotates around the central pistil.
Roberto Demeglio – Margherita ring with the patented ball bearing system


However, it is not only about technology, but also about ethics, as Roberto Demeglio was invited, in 2010, to the “Luxury, ethics and corporate responsibility in the jewellery industry” workshop organised by the United Nations and the Shanghai Expo.

A prestigious invitation that testifies and recognises the ethical choices made when selecting raw materials, starting with diamonds. Ethics and responsibility are indeed keywords for Roberto Demeglio, and are taken as solid guidelines for the entire company:

“In short, ethics means respecting our end users, our partners and our sales force. The decision to produce and sell objects of extreme quality always goes hand in hand with the desire to maintain the right margin, avoiding excesses of any kind, at every stage of the business. In this way, Roberto Demeglio Jewellery is bought at a price that is in keeping with its true value and becomes an object that not only delights but is also a good investment, true to a promise of value that must always satisfy our customers.”                                                                                                                             Roberto Demeglio


Roberto Demeglio is for sure a daring creative and an artist, whose inspiration gives life to unconventional and nonconformist creations. A revolutionary style that has become its recognised signature.


Roberto Demeglio Jewels


Roberto Demeglio jewels combine luxury and functionality, and this year, at Baselworld, the collections were enriched by new, interesting and colourful variations.

Among these, the Aura collection is a mix of colors of gold and ceramic, and it adds with new chromatic expressions – baby pink, red, electric blue and brown interpret the contemporary jewels, in a sophisticated combination of preciousness and joy. Modern elegance for every day.


Roberto Demeglio_AURA
Roberto Demeglio – AURA Collection
Gold-plated and electric blue and gold-plated high-tech ceramic. Bracelets and rings.
Roberto Demeglio - AURA
Roberto Demeglio – AURA Collection.
Bracelets and rings: yellow gold-plated, white gold-plated, brown matte, shiny red, electric blue, high-tech ceramic.


The Giotto Collection adds new volumes to its classic pieces, adding sensual curves and the sparkling light of diamonds and of new color play, given by the innovative use of blue, yellow and pink sapphires. New volumes come from new creative interpretations with designs and geometric lines.


Roberto Demeglio_GIOTTO_anello (2)
Roberto Demeglio, GIOTTO Collection.
Ring, six blue sapphire rows, one white diamond rows, 14mm.
Roberto Demeglio_GIOTTO_collection
Roberto Demeglio, GIOTTO Collection.
Rings and bracelets, diamonds on gold.
Roberto Demeglio – GIOTTO Collection.
Bracelets stack: rubies, white diamonds, black diamonds, yellow sapphires. 5mm.


Finally, the Pura Collection boosts the magnetic beauty of matte and shiny high-tech ceramic, in an extremely elegant interplay with diamonds. Volumes are there, and the inner spring guarantees perfect wearability for everyday comfort.

The collection innovates with the addition of a tennis bracelet with a trends yet precious twist: black and white diamonds are set in sequence of the single high-tech ceramic elements of the bracelet for a sophisticated effect.

This same effect is perfectly reached with the use, always on matte or shiny high-tech ceramic, of blue and yellow sapphires or rubies.


Roberto Demeglio – PURA Collection.
Rings in black matte high tech ceramic and diamonds.
Roberto Demeglio_PURA_bracciale
Roberto Demeglio – PURA Collection.
Bracelet, black shiny high-tech ceramic and yellow sapphires.
Roberto Demeglio_PURA_bracciale
Roberto Demeglio – PURA Collection.
Bracelet, white shiny high-tech ceramic and blue sapphires.


In both an emotional and technical creative process, the excellence of the Made in Italy comes to life in the Roberto Demeglio workshops, an incredible forge of ideas and of genuine masterpieces.


Roberto Demeglio Jewels


Sought-after charm, great attention to the choice of materials and passion for innovation are the trademark of Roberto Demeglio creations, what makes its creations the “New Luxury”. CC









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